DIPLO STYLE: DiploDesigned!

I am so excited because of my new baby, my DIPLOshop, where I can share with friends in Jakarta some of the stuff I curate and create! (It’s still on soft-launch so more improvements and hours of work for me to put in yet.) Today I posted something that I created and that I am super excited about! Detachable glam wristlets for clutch bags!

I first saw these soft and slouchy clutch bags that I thought were perfect for a casual event or a beach party! They were in these bright colors that are so on-trend. (Have you guys seen how Laurie is rockin’ the brights in Cougar Town?). The thing is I thought they needed some “oomph” so I designed AND made these super pretty detachable wristlets that can also be removed and used as

  1. keychain
  2. strap for your wallet/coin purse
  3. a fabulous handle for you other clutches
  4. bag charm (Transform plain bags into unique fashion statements with these wristlets)
  5. mobile phone case wristlet

I used amazing materials like real freshwater pearls, beached glass, etc. And I only made one of each color!  So email me at diploshopping@gmail.com if you are interested! Right now these are only available in Jakarta. Click here to check out the prices.

diploshop clutch wristlet

There is nothing as fulfilling as creating something yourself. I really hope you like it. Would love to hear what you think of my creations! Drop me a line!


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