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Living in a home that is divinely scented is one of lifes little pleasures that I appreciate. I try not to use chemical air fresheners which are harmful for us and our pet.  I’ve always been an oil burner or scented candle kind of girl, until 2 wonderful people decided to give me these beautiful aromatherapy room fragrances in the form of oil diffusers.

The first one is from Mutya Laxa Buencaceso, designer and maker of the cutest baby line ever Spinkie (Babying in style!). She gave this Potentilla Manila Room Fragrance in Tea Party to me for Christmas because it’s their favorite scent (Mutya & Jinggoy’s). I’m getting a bit sad because it’s almost  gone! I put it on my bedside and it is the best scent to doze off to and the most amazing fragrance to wake up to as well. I feel like I am in a beautiful dream. It’s hard to describe the Tea Party scent. It’s not super fruity or super flowery or like food or  anything like that. More like very mild floral/powder scent but it just evokes all this warm feelings and beautiful thoughts. It is now my favorite fragrance (and HOW perfect is that scent name for me? I love tea parties! =P)  This goes in my must buy when I am in Manila list! Click here for a close-up of the bottle/label. Mutya purchases this scent is from Bungalow 300 concept store in Alabang but Potentilla also has their online store.

I’ve also just received an oil diffuser from Vinoti Living. They wanted to thank me for featuring Vinoti on my blog. I didn’t do it for pay or anything, I just loved their stuff that are quite reasonable for the quality and I always drop by when they have a sale (I’ve got the most amazing vases, flowers, and leather ottoman from them!). So it was quite a pleasant surprise when they said they wanted to send me a thank you gift. Thank YOU as well Vinoti! Here are some of my blog posts on Vinoti:

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Thanks so much Lufthi for the pretty and fragrant gift. Here are more reasons I love Oil Diffusers:

  • It’s a safe way, unlike candles, incense and oil burners which can be a fire hazard and have to be watched. Also this is safer than chemical air fresheners like Lysol which are made with dangerous chemicals. These are made with natural essential oils and fragrances.
  • You can diffuse fragrance  continuously unlike the above mentioned which have a time limit because it’s dangerous to keep candles lit for long periods
  • It’s better for the environment because there is no smoke
  • It’s less messy because there’s no dripping wax

Again thanks to Mutya and Jinggoy for my new favorite fragrance which I can find in the Philippines. And thanks to Luthfi of Vinoti – now I know where I can  get these diffusers in Jakarta too! Details of where you can find them below.

What about you guys? What is your favorite scent and where do you get them? Please share – I would really love to know!



Potentilla Manila Home Fragrance

  • info.potentilla@gmail.com
  • Products:
    • room fragrance diffsuers
    • diffuser oil refills
    • room and linen fragrance spritz
    - via multiply: http://potentilla.multiply.com/products
    - via email: info.potentilla@gmail.com – include name & shipping address
    - via text: 0917.528.1294 – text order, include name & shipping address

Bungalow 300

  • Furniture and Objects for Inspired Living
  • 7 Buencamino St. Muntinlupa City
  • Bungalow300@gmail.com
  • Like on Facebook


Plaza Senayan

  • Plaza Senayan Level 3 No. 351A, Jl. Asia Afrika, Jakarta 10270
  • Ph. (62 21) 572 5168, (62 21) 573 0918
  • Fax (62 21) 572 5167
  • Email: vl-ps@vinoti-living.co.id

Kemang Club Villas

  • Kemang Club Villas, Jl. Kemang Selatan 1
  • Ph. (62 21) 7179 1727, (62 21) 718 3574
  • Fax (62 21) 7179 1639
  • Email: vl-kmg@vinoti-living.co.id

Lovely comments

    • says

      Hey Mutya! Hahaha we have the same taste! =) I’ve gotten in touch with Bungalow 300 and I am just waiting for their reply. =) I don’t know if I have time to go to their store in Alabang on my next short visit in April, but I need to get more!!! =D

  1. Lenn says

    Hi, DiploWife! I’ve also been using oil burners and scented candles but now I’ve switched to oil diffusers coz they’re safer. I’m a fan of Potentilla; try the White Antibes, it smells sooooo good! They’re also very accommodating. I inquired about their diffusers and they sent me samples of all the scents! Talk about good customer service!

    • says

      Wow that is amazing! Thanks so much for the tip! I was wondering the same thing… how do I choose the scents I’m going to buy without smelling them yet. I am in Manila for a few days so it would be so hard to go all the way to Alabang personally to check out the scents at the Bungalow 300 showroom. Excellent service indeed! Thanks so much for your message!


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