DIPLO STYLE: Here comes the sun!

Hey guys! I’ve discovered another thing I love… POLYVORE! So this is how all those fashionistas are creating their super cool “looks!” And it’s so darn easy! Yey now I’ve a way to create some looks without resorting to low-tech Powerpoint heehee. Occassionally I’ll do a post when I feel inspired.  Best thing about it is that it says where you can shop for the items and how much it costs! SO cool!

This look I am calling “Here comes the sun!” I really miss the beach and haven’t really been to a proper one since… Phuket! Aaaaah!

True Religion white shorts
€179 - jades24.com

Oasis shoes
$35 - oasis-stores.com

Emilio Pucci tote handbag
€549 - jades24.com

White jewelry
$430 - melindamaria.com

Gorjana gold jewelry
$25 - charmandchain.com

Wet Seal floppy hat
$18 - wetseal.com

$239 - squidoo.com
All my friends know that I’m partial to white and gold, my two favorite colors! (White is actually a non-color or the absence of color, but let’s not get OC. =P) But I think this will look good with a splash of color. I am currently obsessed with this turquoise necklace on Megan Fox and this turquoise and gold necklace so I decided to make one!
Whatch out for it on my DIPLOshop tomorrow! It’s super cool coz you can wear it short or long. And there’s a necklace AND bracelet (which I don’t recommend that you wear together coz that’s just too much haha).
What do you think of the necklace with this Polyvore look I created? =)

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    my daughter and i looooove polyvore. we have actually created so many outfits on it :) have fun with it. i love your white and gold combo!


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