DIPLO STYLE: Fino Leatherware 2

You would never believe what my most popular blog post is (most number of hits) – aside from “Sergio Ramos’ Girlfriend” that is. It’s my post on FINO leatherware! People from all over the world are searching for their website. Unfortunately they don’t have one. They have limited designs and quantities of their bags that are only sold in their Manila shops. FINO is on my must-visit-list every single time I go home. Every. Single. Time. So if you are going to Manila I highly recommend that you visit one of their shops. Locations & pictures of some more of my FINO Finds after the jump.

It’s all in the details! Their bags are so sturdy I usually use this white bag for travel.

They always have new colors and designs. On my last trip I was drooling over their AQUA COLORED BAGS. Holy crap! I couldn’t afford to buy a new bag though, but we did need a protective cover for our iPad. I seriously considered getting this in HOT PINK, but I felt bad for TD who I share the iPad with. He said he didn’t mind pulling out an iPad in a hot pink case in a DiploMeeting – awwww… I love how secure he is!


Despite how utterly cute the hot pink case was (you are imagining it now right??), I opted for a more respectable unisex black. It’s still gorgeous though not as flashy and girly hehe!

I’ve also been looking for a coin purse. I dislike thick wallets so I have this amazing beige FINO wallet that can carry the most number of credit/shopping/atm cards but still remains slim – it cans still fit in my tinier bags! (I hate that whenever I change wallets to fit smaller bags I always end up forgetting or losing something – don’t you?) So I got this cutie too… (It’s deep red and easier to find inside the bag than a black coin purse. If they had it in hot pink I would have gotten that haha!)



They also have amazing men’s attaché cases. DiploBigBro has also had them do some custom-made items for him.  Click on the links below to see more pictures of FINO Leatherware products:

FINO LEATHERWARE (9 stores in Manila)
Click on links for complete details

Makati (2)

  • Power Plant Mall
    • 2nd Level, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Lopez Drive, Barangay Poblacion, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
    • (+63 2) 898-1456
  • Glorietta 3
    • 1st Level, Glorietta 3, Glorietta, Ayala Center, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
    • (+63 2) 892-4807

Pasay (1)

  • SM Mall of Asia
    • Ground Level, Main Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Bay Blvd., Central Business Park, Bay City, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines
    • (+63 2) 556-0804

Muntinlupa (1)

Quezon City (2)

Mandaluyong (2)

Manila (1)

Lovely comments

  1. says

    A friend of mine introduced me to Fino two years ago. And I have to say it’s definitely one of the best quality leather stores that come with a reasonable price tag to boot!

    • says

      I totally agree with you! That’s why I stopped buying branded bags. I just really wanted high quality leather bags that looked fabulous. And FINO is just that! Thanks so much for dropping me a comment!

    • says

      Hi Lisa, it was so lovely to meet you too! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and sending me a shout out! I wish we had met sooner! Good luck with your next posting and I hope you get to visit Manila sometime in the future and check out these bags in person. Haha! *hugs* Keep in touch!

    • says

      Yes I think it has a body strap, but i think i saw it in brown, but I’m not sure if that’s still available now. they change colors depending on what’s hot. =)

    • says

      Hiiiiii! I am so glad to inspire you to check FINO out! I felt so intimidated by it also before because everything looks so fine and exquisite! But when you see the prices you will be shocked even at how reasonable it is for such exceptional quality leather and hardware! Seriously! I am glad to share this brand that is proudly Pinoy!

      Thanks for the mention on your blog Badet!

  2. khoLEEN says

    Hi. I had the exact coin purse and i lost it recently. Now, i have an excuse to shop at fino again for replacement when i get back to manila. I will still get the same coin purse. :)

    I love your ipad case. Hopefully, they have it in red croc.

    Btw, they can make a body strap upon request as long as your preferred leather available. I had a red croc body strap made for my satchel a few months ago. The price is around Php500 only and you can get it in less than a week. Their SAs will txt you once its ready for pick up.

    I really appreciate their excellent customer service.. :)

    • says

      Hello there fellow FINO FAN! Sad to hear about your wallet! I must say great minds think (or shop) alike! =p

      Wow that is amazing that they can do it for that price and finish it in only one week! That’s good to know and will definitely tell Didi about it! =) Thanks so much for the useful info!

      And it’s great to hear from you on my blog!

  3. abby says

    i actually chanced upon your blog because of your fino post! haha…i was looking for fino’s website to see if they have a price list and since they don’t have one, i saw your post and visited your blog instead.;) been re-visiting ever since.

  4. Gayle says

    Love your blog!i just got my first Fino bag yesterday sent by my husband for my birthday this saturday and I LOVE IT!!!the color is hot pink so its perfect.you are so right its much better than branded bags.definitely when i go back to the Philippines,will visit their store.i have a feeling i will have a new addiction besides shoe shopping :)
    Take care!

    • says

      Wow that is so awesome of your husband! And to pick the hot pink color… he has wonderful taste! Happy birthday! Hope you enjoy it wherever you are celebrating!

      Thanks Gayle! Hope to hear from again!

      • Gayle says

        Thanks for the birthday greeting! It will be a lonely bday since I am far away from my husband. I am here in North America and he is in the Philippines.Long distance relationship. He does have good taste and can you believe he also got me the matching wallet!! He is an awesome husband. I would love to have the white bag too. Hoping to have it in the future. Just want to say you have a nice blog. I enjoyed reading it! Hope we can be friends online!
        Have a wonderful week!

    • says

      Hi Gayle… with the matching wallet! Love! He is amazing indeed! I admire people who are able to do long distance relationships… I’m afraid I am not that strong hehe!

      I hope you had a fabulous birthday and celebrated with friends and food! =)

      The embossed white is really my favorite (the one in my first FINO post). It matches with EVERYTHING and it doesn’t get dirty easily! But they don’t always have it on stock. So if your husband sees it… tell him to BUY it! It goes really fast =P

      • Gayle says

        Hello again!its been a while since i last read your blog.i have been so busy.anyways,the other day i was thinking of getting a new bag.i was actually wearing an orange blouse and i was thinking if fino has an orange bag and by chance i saw a picture of a tangerine fino bag.i fell in love with it.i called my husband to ask him to go to the Fino store to look for it.I am hoping they would have it with matching wallet.

        • says

          Haha! You are so lucky that you husband buys you bags! When it comes to bags I don’t trust TD to pick for me hehe! =P I hope your husband finds you a nice tangerine bag! Glad to see you back on my blog!

  5. Dolly says

    Hi, dolly here, i need ipad cover color yellow so to match my bag….where or what branch can i see it and how much? Also coinpurse yellow with matching wallet too.

    • says

      Hi Dolly, first and foremost i would like to clarify that I am in no way related to FINO or it’s owners. I am merely a really happy and loyal customer. I’ve placed all the outlet locations at the end of the post above. However you will have to check them out for yourself because I don’t know if they have a yellow iPad cover. They change their designs and colors too… so I am not familiar with what they might have in stock at the moment because I am based in Jakarta. I hope you get to visit their stores and get the items that you want. Thanks for dropping by my blog and writing me a comment!

  6. CC says


    My sister-in-law gifted me with my first fino purse. I’m hooked and have three of them now in different basic colors. I’m not into brand name bags but my fino bags are just as great as any brand names there are. My purses are not only good-looking and sturdy, but truly serves my purpose. Besides, I have the lightweight type which has become my everyday purse. I even shove it into my desk compartment at work without hesitation of nicking since I have already tested its durability! I love the different color choices. I’ve had many nice comments about them.

    • says

      Hi Curie, I am actually like you. I go more for purpose than brand. I’ve only succumbed to the brand thing since moving to Jakarta. Brands are really BIG here and when they go on sale they go up to 70% off hahaha. But unless it’s a rEALLY big discount, I wouldn’t part with my money just because of the brand. It has to suit my exact needs and be a long term investment. Glad to meet a kindred soul in you! Thanks so much for dropping me a comment on my blog! And hope to hear from you again! =)

  7. Chelibean says

    Nice blog :)
    I’m a bagaholic and I usually go for designer brands. My bf and I went to fino store last time we were in PH and he’s so happy to see that the bag is high quality and nice designs. He bought one for my sister as a gift and my sister almost fainted because it’s gorgeous.

    I am thinking of getting one for my Mum for Xmas :D

  8. Victor Abello says

    Good day. Thank you for sharing the info about Filipino leather goods.
    I called Fino Powerplant inquiring if they accept custom made to order jobs, and the saleslady said that they only accept volume orders. When I referred to this entry she then countered that maybe the client was a friend of the owner of Fino? Would you be so kind to shed some light on this? Because your post made it seem like they accept custom orders.

    Thank you, and more power to your blog!

    • says

      Hi Victor, I don’t think my brother-in-law is a personal friend. However he is a diplomat and he had to order several pieces of the item to give as gifts to other diplomats. Perhaps his order quantity and the fact that he was promoting FINO to diplomats of other countries. I cannot remember how many he ordered. This was also a while back because DiploBigBro or DBB is the original Fino fan of TD’s family. If you are ordering several pieces of an item, I think it wouldn’t hurt to ask for the email of the owner from the FINO staff and send and email inquiry. However if you are ordering only 1 piece then I can understand that it would be difficult for them to fulfill. I hope this helps! And I am so happy to share this brilliant Filipino brand to you. =)

  9. Ayen says

    I regret not buying the aqua or green satchel! Hope they are still available. They are on sale now and with your posts, I have finally made up my mind to buy it!
    Btw, you are lucky to have the white.they rarely have white items

    • says

      Ayen you should definitely go for it if they are on sale. Btw you know once you buy a FINO bag you have 10% off on all future purchases?

      I love my white bag but I over used it (it goes with everything and it’s perfect for traveling). I need to have it re-dyed in BESAS. My regret is not buying TWO pieces of the white bag. They are so easy to keep clean and don’t stain. Every time I go to their shop, I ask if they have the white bags. Sigh!

  10. ris says

    I got a fino card case as a gift from a cousin and was amazed at the quality. I wanted to find out more and bump it your blog. Im sad they’re only available in the Philippines and no online store. But I’ll make sure to snag my first fino bag when i go to the Philippines next year. Thanks for sharing.

  11. says

    I just bought my 3rd FINO leatherware! A caramel satchel type, made of soft leather. I’d post it too but i dont think i can. Could not be more happier :)

    • says

      I can’t recall seeing men’s bags, but I do get TD’s wallets from FINO. Diplo Big Bro-in-law was the one who introduced me to FINO. He once ordered several travel wallets to give as gifts one Christmas. Sorry I couldn’t answer your question exactly!

  12. redvelvet says

    Hi! Would you know the estimate price range of their wallets for men? Planning to give the boyfie a present after seeing your blog!

    • says

      Hi Redvelvet, if my memory is correct I got a small wallet for TD for 700 and a big one for 1800. You should always check if the men’s wallet is made in the Philippines or Italy because FINO has started producing a few pieces in Italy and they are much more expensive than the ones that are made in the Philippines. I hope your boyfriend likes your presents and glad my blog post has inspired you!


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