DIPLO FINDS: Chalkboard Clothespin Labels

Got something I’ve been waiting for in the mail last week! Sorry for such a late posting Mia! I was really excited to get these super cute chalkboard clothespins all the way from Bangkok, Thailand after reading about them on www.matteroftasteonline.com. 

They arrived intact in this bubble lined envelope. Coolness! 

I can’t wait to use these chalkboard clothespins for labeling desserts for maybe a small tea party with the ladies. Or this upcoming garage sale I am joining! YAY! I am planning to have items in different baskets and I can use this to label them. Check out the different cute ways Mia used them here: http://www.matteroftasteonline.com/2012/03/08/chalkboard-clothespins-organize-this-way/.

* Mental note: Must remember to buy some chalk later! 

Again thanks to Mia of www.matteroftasteonline.com blog for the wonderful giveaway!

MiaMarch is an expat lady currently based in Bankok. She writes about lifestyle, art, photography, family, home and all other things fab. Check out her beautiful blog on www.matteroftasteonline.com.



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    These are sooo cute!!! I love them! I miss shopping in BKK! You can find fabulous things like these everywhere!!! Hope to see you soon!

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      Hi Ana, I would love to be posted in BKK for sure! I basically have been stuck at home and preparing for an upcoming garage sale! Any tips for me? It’s going to be my first real garage sale and I’ve no idea what to do! =P

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