DIPLO DIY: Making rags out of old tees

I hate waste and I have a tendency to be a pack rat. But I find, if I turn unusable items into something I can use or if I sell them on my online garage sale, it’s so much easier to let go. Do you also have all these ratty old tees that you just can’t let go off? Well I have tons and finally decided to up cycle them as rags.

I found this link on PINTEREST so I finally went for these ratty old tees with the scissors! Except since the tees I have don’t have any prints on them I can use both the back and the front as rags.


The BACKS and FRONTS will be perfect for wiping countertops and tables. While the SLEEVES will be used for polishing and cleaning silver

For the STRIPS I am thinking of doing this crocheted rag tutorial. It’s helping me with decluttering! And it’s also saving up on costs… it’s strange but rags are actually quite expensive here…even in Carrefour! I’ve so much rags now and I’ve cleared out some closet space! YAY! What do you think of this super quick project?




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      Hi Mom-Friday! Coolness! I can’t bear to sell super ratty Tees in a garage sale or giving away (jahe diba?) but I can’t bear to throw them away too! Happy to hear from a cost-saving & resourceful home-diva like you!

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