JAKARTA GOOD TO KNOW: Where to get paintings framed

Wanted to share with you where we get our paintings and other works of art framed. The prices are quite cheap and the quality of their work is excellent. Luckily one lady knows how to speak basic english. Contact details and a few pictures of the frame and mirror store after the jump.

They don’t have much of the minimalist and modern frames on display so I make sure to bring a picture of the kind of frame that I am looking for so that they can look for it in the back. I recommend this especially if you don’t speak bahasa very well to make the process easier.  Usually I pin pegs on PINTEREST then just show it to them.

Recently I just had our sand paintings from Myanmar framed and we spent about IDR 300,000 on 3 paintings with black frames, white matting and glass cover. I think this is reasonable for the quality of their work. They don’t really give discounts but usually if you ask they give 10,000 to 20,000 off the total price.

I would love to hear where you have your paintings framed in Jakarta! Do share!





  • Jl. Mampang Prapatan Raya No. 20, Mampang Prapatan, Jakarta Selatan, INDONESIA 12790
  • +62 21 7942738


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  1. says

    i dont collect paintings, but i love photography and i framed all of my works at adorama in menteng (across from keris gallery). they’rea bit pricey but the quality never dissapoints me. anyway, thank you for sharing this, might try this place later :)

    • says

      Cool! You have to be careful and ask for a sample frame when you go to this place to be sure you are happy with it before confirming your order.

      Just curious. Around how much does adorama cost? I would love to see images of your framed photos… do send me a link?! =D I have tons of photos and I would love to have them framed, but I don’t know where to start hehe. Would love some inspiration!

  2. says

    Haay. Every time you post something that I pay a bomb for over here, I die a little inside haha. I have a pile of things waiting to be framed and I really have to save up for/think twice about each one.

    Those sunburst mirrors are really pretty too!

    • says

      Gosh we are secretly hoping for a European post next… I think that is why we are loading up on electronics, teak and getting out home complete so that if we get posted in Europe we will be content staying home if we run out of money hahaha (half kidding!)… or we can start selling out stuff LOL! (again half kidding =P)

  3. says

    Okay this is really weird. I have the a sand painting too and is looking for a place to frame it.

    I heard about Pasar Baroe for framing, but I havent had a chance to go there.

    Can I see the frames? *wink*

  4. Siriusstar says

    Hi, my mum framed all of her woven fabric & paintings collection at TORAYA Frame, Duren Tiga (South Jakarta). It is famous among the locals, my mum said they use imported paints. I think its pricey but toraya has been in the business for a long time in Jakarta. But maybe less expensive than mall price.

    • says

      Hi Sashika, I think it’s on the way to Kuningan. I am not the best person to ask though coz I am terrible with directions! Mampang Prapatan if I am not mistaken is quite near Kebayoran Baru, to the east of Kebayoran Baru. Kelapa Gading is very far already.

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