DIPLO TIPS: Decorative mirrors make spaces feel bigger

When I ordered my massive L-shaped buffet I made a mistake and didn’t specify the color and my furniture maker assumed that I would like to match it to my dining set. Unfortunately this tiny but significant detail was overlooked with the amount of details and work that was put into my highly customized buffet. It’s was a massive and astounding project. However I have light colored walls and the dark colored big piece of furniture made my dining area look smaller. So to resolve the visual space issue I decided to put mirrors – mounted to the wall above and behind the buffet. 

I was so happy to find this piece of mirror art from  Umbra at ACE Hardware. If you are interested in inquiring for it at ACE they call it “Mirror strip clear code 271122.” It costS IDR 303,000 per set. I bought two sets to cover one dining area wall. It really opened up that space and made the room more interesting. Gotta find time to take a picture of the amazing buffet table with the mirrors on top -which Danni was nice enough to install for me as well.

What do you think of the design of the Umbra mirrors? Aren’t they super cool and chic?

You can also find tons of mirror-wall-art pieces at Kare Design Indonesia. Click here to see some pictures of some of their mirrors.




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    Great post! I didn’t know that ACE has these. Great addition to your dining room!! I agree with the mirror effect to make the room look bigger. You’re always thinking about the positive effect with design!

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    Always a big fan of Umbra :D

    I need a huge mirror. Like functional head-to-toe vanity mirrors. But the thought of installing it in my room makes me sigh.. How big are there Umbra mirrors? If I stick ‘em quite close together, can I do my make up do you think? I’m thinking I can forgo the looking at myself from head to toe as long as I can get out the door without my eyeliner being wonky -_-”

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