How to Find Music from Suits TV show

A little white lie, a big black sky…. Your time will come, if you let it be right, if you let it be right…

The song at the end of the latest episode of Suits (one of my favorite TV shows right now) really caught my attention. I immediately paused (didn’t even care how the episode was going to end anymore) and grabbed my iPad to Soundhound it. After three attempts,  no success!

Rewind. Type lyrics on Soundhound.  Press search. Play. Type more lyrics on Soundhound. Search. Still no go!

Type in lyrics in Mr. Google  and voilà! Here is the youtube video of the song Time Go by Caught a Ghost

Reposting the lyrics of the song below with the scene in SuitsCaught a Ghost posted it on their Facebook Page, due to the demand of fans like me after hearing their song on the Suits TV show.

“I’m in need of the answer, in search of the question, in love with being broken-hearted. days race by faster it’s a made-up lesson and I’ve lost before I’ve started. a little white lie, a big black sky, and emptiness open on the dashboard. you feel a lack of self, and it’s someone else telling you to try where you failed before.”

“Where does the time go? I don’t know. it’s moving underneath me. like I’m moving in slow motion, i reach out, though it passes too quick to see me”

second verse:
“you’ve been on the back nine living out your past lives trying to make a living as an outlaw. but the problem you see, stealing ain’t what it used to be, everyone’s used to it by now. you pack up your guns, make your best run, your faking isn’t breaking any new ground. but is there such a thing? when you watch the rain wash away everything you thought you’d found?


last verse:

I think that this could be last one Jimmy
Why don’t you come and take this last one with me?
Gotta say that it’s good to be home, Sometimes I miss you when I’m out there alone. So come around sometime, clear your mind, It’s getting harder as the weeks slip away
It can turn on a dime and pass you up blind while you wait for the truth to come your way.

your time will come, if you let it be right

Hope you like the song. It’s a great discovery, and TD likes their other songs too – it’s definitely his kind of music. I’m liking these other Caught a Ghost songs:

Click here to check out the rest of their songs in their Youtube channel. Are you loving the song too? Thanks to Suits for introducing me to Caught a Ghost!

Who else loves watching Suits? Raise your hands! Mike and Jessica you guys are killin’ me! What did you think of what Mike did?? Let’s discuss!!



UPDATE: If you like a song from a TV show and find it catchy, you can easily find the song via Tune Find. Such a cool website! I remember really liking a song from The Mindy Project and If found it there. 





Lovely comments

  1. als says

    i think mike & everyone else is dumb because why does he have to end it if it means he has to keep the secret that he is a fraud. it can go on without rachel knowing anything!


    -a raging fan disgusted by stupid.

    • says

      Als I know what you mean!!!! Grrrr…. but I guess he wants something serious and long term with her and if she finds out in the future that she has been lied to then it would be the end of everything. But still…. it’s annoying that he has to be such a goody two shoes about it. He is already breaking the law… he might as well have just been happy with rachel huh?

  2. thomas a says

    Same thing with me. I paused the episode and immediately had to find this song. Mike shoulda told Rachel that there is something he cannot tell her right now.. and seen if she was smart enough to respect that. But breaking it off completely may have cost his chance with her anyway. So stupid

    • says

      It’s really such a catchy addictive song with awesome lyrics! They picked the perfect one aye? I so totally agree with you! And you phrased our frustrations perfectly! Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Atri, it’s definitely a sign. It’s a MUST see for all women who can appreciate a handsome man in an impeccably cut suit! Lemme know what you think when you watch it! =D

  3. no one special says

    thanks for helping me find this song. did the search thing too and came up with some country followed by some electro chit and finally came across your blog of the quest you ended for me. thanks again.

  4. Fred says

    Thank you very much! I paused the episode and went to Google to find the song and landed on your blog. It’s a really nice song. Too bad they don’t have it on Spotify :(…I love Suits too,

  5. Nattty says

    lololol I watched this 5 times, then after not being able to find the song, googled little white lie big black sky and it briought me here. Great song !! thanks so much for the info :)

    • says

      Hi Natty, awwww… I’m glad you finally found the song in my blog. I was so frustrated I couldn’t find it too so when I did, I just wanted to share it to everyone who loves it too! You are most welcome =)

  6. Yusuf says

    Hi awesome blog and thanks for the lyrics. Awesome tune and Suits is just the best show on TV right now…..Hate that Donna messed up big time was really sad seeing her go and you could tell Harvey was just a broken man.

    take care

      • Yusuf says

        I’m not sure but i do hope they bring her back. she is just such a big Part of who Harvey is it just does not make sense right now

  7. Reagan says

    Hi! I’m looking for a song in Episode 18 “All In” where Lewis and Rachel are heading up the stairs to confront the Ballet Master after Rachel gives Lewis a pep talk about what ballet is, and what kind of go getter lawyer Lewis is! I tried soundhound, and no dice, this is the first place I have left a msg to try to find it.

  8. bippinpaul says

    hey great job @diplomaticwife, i too was looking for this song up in the net after watching suits…. great lyrics especially the lines ” a little white lie, a big black sky, if you let it be right, if you let it be right” awesum :) … made it easy to get the song .. kooool :)

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