DIPLOdog: My new Azkals Jersey

Hi everyone. Sorry if I haven’t been posting much lately. I’ve been busy with a “consultancy” job lately and two weeks in the Philippines so I’ve had to put the blogging, DiploDesserts (I take orders for banana bread and tiramisu cupcakes), and DiploShop on hiatus. It’s only until the 23rd of July. So thank you for your patience and I’ll be on my normal schedule of at least 3 posts a week after then. For now I hope you enjoy these pictures of DiploDog with his new Azkals Jersey (the Azkals are the Philippine Men’s National Football team) that was a gift from Sir J and Ma’am T. Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift! Photos of DiploDog posing with his Azkals jersey after the jump!

“Licking my chops and making pa-cute!”

“Shake hands!”

“Thank you Tito J and Tita T  for my new Azkal’s jersey! I love it!




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