MANILA FINDS: F&C Muscovado Sugar

My husband received  a neat gift from a pinoy in Jakarta lately. Thanks Jeff ! I love muscovado sugar with my coffee! And also loving how this resurgence in interest in healthy natural living in making Muscovado more popular!

White sugar is fully refined sugar whereas brown sugar will still contain some molasses (in modern production the molasses are usually added back to the refined sugar to ensure consistent quality). Light brown sugar has a molasses content of 3.5% and dark brown sugar has a molasses content of 6.5% so dark brown sugar has a stronger, more caramelly flavour than light brown sugar. As molasses are hygroscopic (attract water) the brown sugars tend to be softer and moister than refined sugar.

Muscovado sugar (sometimes called Barbados sugar) is similar to dark and light brown sugar but is made from unrefined sugar so tends to be higher in traces of minerals and vitamins (than fully refined white sugar).

- Nigella, on the difference between white and Muscovado sugar

This unrefined sugar goes well with coffee and other beverages, and was one of the most prominent export commodities of the Philippines, especially from the Negros region from the 19th century until the late 1970s.[3] The production of muscovado sugar in the Philippines, Barbados, and elsewhere had experienced a long period of decline when large mills took over sugar production from small farmers with small mills until consumer interest in healthy and organic foods revived interest in muscovado sugar, creating a new market for muscovado sugar production from small mills.[4]

I like the compact packaging of this muscovado sugar. The nutrition information is up front and clear and I love that there is a recipe that we can try the product with. Nice! Thanks again to the thoughtful couple! I stored the sugar in this jar that I got in bulk from True Value Rockwell (Philippines). I’ve also seen this jar being sold at Ace – Grand Indonesia.




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  1. says

    I’m using muscovado sugar now, too. I got a 1kg bag last Christmas and I’ve used up less than half until now. Aside from using it in coffee, I also like having it with yogurt and muesli for a healthy breakfast!

  2. J says

    You’re welcome. L showed me this post. Glad you enjoyed it. Give my best to TD. It’s the least I can do for the kopi luak he got me at the mall and for taking me shopping. Great blog!

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