TRAVEL DIARIES: Boracay Sunsets

Just going through some old photos. I was recently asked, what are you lusting after right now? I would love a good ol’ beach vacation. I’d like to say somewhere fabulous, like the Maldives or Carribean. But to be honest I really just miss Boracay. Growing up having summers in the Southern Philippines and traveling with family from Luzon to Mindanao, my default vacation would always mean going to the beach – not just having a drink beside the beach, but really walking barefoot in the sand all day and jumping into warm, salty water, resto/bar hopping in bikinis, then jumping back in the water. Repeat. There was even a time when I would go surfing every other weekend in La Union.

Last year I was on a quest for a proper beach vacation (in my definition anyway) but it was a #fail. 1) Bali is more of a surfing beach (strong currents) and has that drink-beside-the-beach-swim-in-a-pool thing going on. We tried in Sanur but the water was visibly dirty. 2) In Lombok we stayed in a “beachfront” resort but the beachfront was basically a parking for boats. 3) When we had that fabulous vacation in Sala Phuket, the beach was so rough, all the guests swam in the pools.

Long story short, I’ve always felt like an island girl/beach bum and I have never been away from the beach for such long periods of time. So I’m day dreaming of Boracay and it’s powder fine sand (no exaggeration) – so fine that it doesn’t even heat up at midday and doesn’t eff up your feet. I shall be back! Hopefully sooner than later!

Watching the manangs selling their wares on the beach

Building sandcastles

Sailing in a paraw

Pinoy men make sure to double time in the gym before a trip to Bora

Good bye-sun!

Just like that the sun is gone… hello moon!

 These were taken in December 2009, which was the last time we’ve been to Boracay. When I was living in the Philippines we went at least once or twice a year. I’ll be posting more pics of Boracay food and other things to do in Boracay soon.




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