TD and I absolutely love Vietnamese beef noodle soup or Phở Bò. So it was our default order when we didn’t know what was good. The Phở Bò we tried on our trip to Ho Chi Minh City after the jump!

We arrived in our Hotel late at night too tired to go out and look for a bite. Solution: room service at La Jolie hotel. It wasn’t much to look at serviced in a cafeteria style aluminum tray but that soup was just amazing.  So flavorful, you know that it’s been cooking for hours. The beef was lean just the way we like it and the herbs and other condiments were fresh.

After an evening walking around and haggling in the Bến Thành Market we were famished and went for nearby Pho 2000. Their tagline is Phở for the President, because of their claim to fame of being visited by President Clinton in November 2000. It has seen better (and cleaner) days. (Do not, I repeat do not use the toilet unless it’s an emergency.) The Phở Bò was average and the condiments weren’t very fresh. But we were hungry so we dumped tons of hoisin (where Filipino what?!?) and soldiered on!

As we walked outside Pho 2000 we noticed these nice outdoor seats with fresh coconut juice and Pho 24. We sorta wished we had eaten here instead coz it looked nicer, newer and cleaner.  Maybe next time!

Our last Phở Bò was at the airport while waiting for our flight. We chose the resto coz’ I just wanted to have one last bowl of Phở Bò before we left and it seemed like a nice quiet place to sit. It wasn’t as good as the first one we had at La Jolie hotel but I am always just happy to split some Phở with TD!


Ever wonder how Phở Bò is really pronounced? No it’s not  “foe boe.” I read somewhere that It’s more like “fu” without the R in the end. But it’s so much more complex than that. I never knew how much nuance 2 syllables could have! Read this for an experts guid on how to pronounce it like a pro! (I know I still don’t!)

We didn’t get to really ask people where to find the best  Pho in HCMC. I am still hoping to go back so I’d love to know your favorite place to get Pho is in Ho Chi Minh? Drop me a line!




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    Hi there…. I’m an expat living here in Jakarta and love following your blog. We just arrived and were wondering if you have a Pho restaurant here in Jakarta that you’d recommend. Thanks – Susie

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      Yes in fact there is! We used to go to Vietopia in Senopati but I heard yesterday that it had closed down already. Hopefully this branch is not yet closed: Cikini Raya No. 33 Cikini Menteng Jakarta Pusat DKI Jakarta (0)21 391 5893.

      However Lang Viet restaurant (near Dharmawangsa Square) I feel serves better food. you should definitely check it out!


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