YANGON: Lovely Walk Around Inya Lake

After breakfast & bathroom break we headed out to Inya Lake to walk off our greasy breakfast calories. While in Myanmar I recommend scheduling bathroom breaks in clean toilets – you can ask your travel agent about this – especially if you are traveling with children or older people. We made sure we didn’t have to go whenever we were in a temple (I don’t recommend it!). Some pictures of Inya Lake after the jump.

We were lucky indeed to have our air-conditioned rental van in the stifling heat. Most of the cars and cabs in Yangon or old and not air-conditioned (as of February 2012 but I heard that it’s progressing quite rapidly the past year) so a van rental with AC is a luxury and is a bit expensive.

Public transport in Yangon Monk crossing

Arriving at Inya Lake – so many eateries!

Inya Lake (Burmese: အင်းယားကန် [ʔíɴjá kàɴ]; formerly, Lake Victoria) is the largest lake in YangonBurma (Myanmar), a popular recreational area for Yangonites, and a famous location for romance in popular culture. Located 6 mi (10 km) north of downtown Yangon, Inya Lake is bounded by Parami Road on the north, Pyay Road on the west, Inya Road on the southwest, University Avenue on the south, and Kaba Aye Pagoda Road on the east.

The area surrounding Inya Lake is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Yangon. Except for a public park on the southwestern bank byYangon University, much of the shoreline is some of the most expensive private property in the country. Lakefront properties include residences ofAung San Suu Kyi, the late strongman Ne Win and the United States ambassador.

Public access to the lake is available through Kaba Aye Pagoda Road, and most popularly, through Inya Road and Pyay Road, next to Yangon University. It takes about 2 hours to circle the lake on foot.

– Inya Lake on Wikipedia

Leaving Inya Lake we saw some new high-rise apartments (high by Yangon standards) over looking the lake. Wow it must be awesome to have the  view and breeze!

If you ask me if it is a must-see, I wouldn’t say yes. But if you had some spare time and you would like to go for a pleasant walk, then go for it! It was such a lovely sunny day when we went and the breeze was just wonderful. Whats more lovely than a cool walk with the sun in your face? It was so relaxing – seeing all the couples enjoying their day, seeing ducks quacking about and even people napping around the gardens. It was a peek into the laid back culture of the locals.



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