DIPLO DESIGNED: Dark Teak Dining Table and Chairs

It seems like only yesterday that I had our first pieces furniture custom-built. I was so excited that I even wrote about it here. However due to a series of events, I had to sell my beloved dining set. Before I sold it, I took some photos first. Pictures and details after the jump!


The dining set is made with SOLID RECYCLED TEAK. Recycled teak is better than new/plantation teak because it is old/antique wood, recycled from old houses or old pieces of furniture, which means it has dried out longer and less likely to crack than newer wood. It’s also better for the environment.

The best thing about having things custom made or bespoke, is I was able to have it made in 3 separate pieces that can easily betaken apart  for easier transport: Each pair of legs is one piece and then then the top is another.   This is important since expats move every few years, and I had to think of how easy it would be to if your furniture. Massive furniture like dining tables aren’t easy to get through doors and elevators. This would not be a good thing, if you move to Europe where elevators are tiny and manpower is expensive.

After a year of using it we decided to have a glass top specially made for it to protect the wood from water stains. Dining tables are the  hardest working furniture in the house, because families use them 3 or more times a day.

Table Dimensions

  • Length: 170 cm
  • Width: 90 cm
  • Height: 75 cm + 0.5 cm for the glass top



The chairs were  inspired by the great Kenneth Cobonpue‘s RETASO chairs that I coveted. They are roomy and luxurious. After a year of using them we had cushions made especially for them. It took 3 tries before they got the velcro clasps right since the cushion-makers here are used to the tie-up chair cushions straps.

Chair Dimensions

  • Height: 80.5 cm (chair back) / 49 cm (seat)
  • Width: 57 cm
  • Depth: 54 cm


Kennet Cobonpue is Filipino Industrial Designer who has won many international awards for his furniture designs which are works of art in themselves. His designs have found their way into the sets of Ocean’s 13, Made of Honor and CSI Miami. Brad Pitt is also a fan. He has Cobonpue’s Dragnet lounge chairsVoyage bed and Shiloh’s La Petit Voyage crib.


This dining set was the very first furniture I designed and had made in jakarta, And the modern, minimalist design cannot easily be found. Before I sold it, my furniture maker gave the pieces will a once over and the buyer got them “AS NEW.”  Danni also took care of delivering them to the buyer, at the buyers request and expense. In my 4 years of stay in Jakarta, I found no other customer service that could compare to Danni’s and I am so lucky that he made many of my furniture dreams come true! I will write more about the furniture I had him made in the future.

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