DIPLO FINDS: Pevonia Botanical Skincare

The first time I heard of Pevonia was from Erica Paredes. She was one of the beauty editors I used to woo when I was working for Beauty Bar in the Philippines, so she knows what she is talking about. I was tweeting and asking for beauty product recommendations and she said Pevonia. At that time I had no idea where to get Pevonia (though Erica assured me that it was distributed here).
Fast forward to our trip to Medan. I was fortunate enough to stay in the fabulous JW Marriott Medan. This was an R&R trip for me, so I scoped out the spa and to my delight they offered a 5 hour spa package – the works! I got approval from TD to splurge and I was treated to the most luxurious spa treatment of my life, complete with uber luxurious PEVONIA skincare products! From the bathsalts of my rose petal-strewn bubble bath, to the invigorating body scrub and the expert facial. Divine. Just divine. And I could feel the difference in the quality of the products, it was truly luxurious yet gentle on my super sensitive skin.
So can you imagine my delight when my friend Lola asked me if I wanted to try out some Pevonia products? The answer was “hell yeah!” I came home with my goodies above, giddy with excitement. I love excellent beauty products and I don’t really like mainstream brands that spend too much on advertising. I prefer niche brands that go by word-of-mouth, and are recommended by my beauty junkie friends. My previous brand Philosophy, was one of those and after more than half a decade of using it, it just stopped working. Perhaps it’s my age or the change in my environment since moving to Jakarta or the water here? All I know is it just wasn’t doing it for me any more. My skin is freaking out, rough and so pimply.  So here I was shopping for my next skin care line when I got this offer. Talk about serendipity!
So here’s my personal experience with the products that I tried!
  1. Phyto-gel cleanser (foaming cleanser)
  2. Sensitive skin lotion (instead of toner)
  3. Sensitive skin cream (moisturizer)
I went to the Pevonia skin expert barefaced (ACK!) so that they could see my skin and give me the product that could address my specific concerns. She recommended the trial kit for sensitive skin coz she could see that I had some redness around my cheeks and nose and I told her that I am allergic to practically everything. She also said that the sensitive skin line will help balance the PH of my skin, which she recommends before dealing with the pimples.
However because my skin tends to get oily during the day, she recommended that instead of using the sensitive skin cleaners (non-soap cleaner), I use the foaming phyto-gel  cleanser instead.
Step 1: Phyto- gel cleanser

I love how it takes off a lot of my makeup! When I used the step 2 lotion only very little make up was left. Very little of the cleanser goes a long way. I literally put a drop and it’s enough for my face and neck.

After washing my skin feels clean and supple. Not dry and tight.

Step 2: Sensitive Skin Lotion

I only put a few drops of the lotion on a cotton pad and after wiping it on my face, ears and neck, I see very little make up or dirt on the pad. It is nice that the lotion doesn’t feel like it dries out my face. This alcohol-free toner doesn’t sting on my skin.

Step 3: Sensitive Skin Cream

I would place a pea sized amount on the back of my hand and with my other finger dotted my face and neck, then spread it all around. A pea-sized dot is all I need. And my face feels moisturized and supple with out the stickiness I expect from hard-working moisturizers. I have very weird skin. It is in constant danger of drying out, but can also get really oily so I need a hard-working moisturizer that is Mineral oil-free.  Despite being in an air-conditioned room most of the time, my face feels supple and moist throughout the day. Nice.

Overall, what I like about it is…
  • The supple moisturized feeling of my skin, without the oily feeling
  • The lack of scent is wonderful (I hate strong scents on my sensitive skin)
  • I love products that use\ natural, botanical ingredients without the bad stuff…
    • Paraben-free
    • Alcohol-free
    • Mineral Oil-free
    • Lanolin-free
    • PABA-free
    • Urea-free
    • No artificial colros
    • No formaldehyde
    • No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
When I’m done balancing out the PH of my skin, I think I’m ready to deal with the acne and black head problem. I’d love to try out their adult acne line, Clarifyl. Will keep you posted when I get to try it out! But before that, I’m gonna try out the Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 30 and TD will be trying out the Age-defying Caviar Balm (Yes they have a MEN’S line too!). Will let you know how it goes soon!
I am so happy that I now know where to find Pevonia in Jakarta, coz in the past I would buy big bottles of skincare products from Manila and lug it all the way to Jakarta.
Please remember I am not a skin expert. It will be best to see a skin expert for advice. In this post, I am recalling my personal experience with the products above. Each of us have unique skin and respond in different ways to a product. Since I have sensitive skin, I always test the product on a patch of skin first to see if I get an allergic reaction before even attempting to put it on my face.
For more info you can check out…
If you are interested in trying out Pevonia products you can buy it exclusively from the following stores:
Etoile Spa
Jl. Hang Lekir Raya No. 6 Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta, Indonesia 12120
Phone: (021) 72787229
Jl. Gunawarman No. 19, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta
Phone: (021) 7278-8002

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