Lighter Finish for My Teak Nesting Tables

No matter the quality of your wood there is no 100% guarantee that it will not crack. So when there were terribly hot days in Jakarta and we would turn on the air conditioner in the living room at night, some hairline cracks appeared on our beloved Teak Nesting tables. (Remember them? The ones that can be used as side tables AND stools! #DoublePurpose) As part of Danni’s fabulous customer service, he fixes any problems for free! He came over to my apartment mid-way to ask me a very interesting question….

Original Dark Bespoke Nesting Tables

Teak Nesting Side Tables

He brings one stool over to show me and asks, do you want me to put back it’s original color or do you wanna keep it’s natural look? Whoa! I loved the matte finish and natural color! It would match my new dining set and buffet!

When he repairs cracks on dark colored teak wood, Danni has to scrape all the color off, repair the crack with filler and/or wood glue, then he has to put the color back on. I am so happy he took the initiative to ask me before painting it. He personally thought the lighter color would look better with the new pieces. How’s that for initiative and customer service? So this is how it looks now!

Doesn’t it go really well with my L shaped couch and lighter coffee table below?

P.S. My coffee table was a little darker and had a glossy orange tint.  It wasn’t my ideal color because it was our very first piece of furniture, in our very first apartment as a married couple (Yep Jakarta was our first home!) and we bought it because it was a great deal. We ate on this coffee table for 6 months (sitting on the floor) before our friend Imman took pity on us and lent us a table and monoblock chairs. With Danni’s help it now has matte wax finish which shows of it’s beautiful natural wood grains.

What do you think of the new look of my Teak Nesting Tables? I had them made strong and thick so they can function as stools when I need extra seating during parties. You know how much I love dual purpose items! ;P

All photos were taken with an iPhone 4S and processed with Instagram.



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Lovely comments

  1. padmaja says

    Good that you have a very good carpenter mr. Danny to solve your issues.
    i have a 8 seater rubber wood dining table when we moved 6years back to our semidetached house . i wanted top put the glass tabletop for the dining table my dad in law and my husband were not interested. so we used it like that and now the table has a lot of scratches and we need to scrap the painting and do the whole restoration i cant find a carpenter like danny in Singapore. if so they quote me the price of a whole cow.

    sometimes i just feel like rather getting something fixed inSingapore rather buy a new product.

    • says

      That’s why after 1 year we also decided to order a glass top for our old dining table. It was USD 150. Not cheap either. We are lucky indeed to have Danni. That’s why I am maximizing my stay in Indonesia to collect the best quality teak items that I can afford. =)

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