DIPLO EVENTS: Rusly Tjohnardi Atelier Show

Last week I was invited to attend 2 Jakarta Fashion Week shows. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend one of them with Asian Fashion Law, but I was able to go with TD and Kaho of Chuzai Living to the Rusly Tjohnardi Atelier Fashion show. Just wanna share with you what I wore and the video of this surreal and unique fashion show finale. 

I absolutely love this bib necklace! I got two pieces, one for my personal use and one for sale at the DiploShop. I haven’t put up the photo yet on my online album it it’s for sale. One piece only! If you are interested feel free to email me at diploshopping@gmail.com!

My thoughts on the Fashion Show? I loved the whimsical dresses with metallic embellishments! Pretty, feminine with a dark but glamorous edge. The accessories were exaggerated and attention-grabbing – perfect for the runway and tall models. I also loved the subtle sophisticated make up, I thought it was perfectly understated, and especially complimented the dresses & accessories. This way the designs were highlighted.  The models floated through the runway, as if you are seeing them in your dreams. The theme was psychedelic dreams, and though bold neon colors come to mind when someone says psychadelic, this had none of that. I could totally see where the designer was going though based on this definition of psychedelic – with the sounds, the mouth hardware, visuals, etc. (You will hear the sounds and see the mouth hardware I am talking about in the video below too!)

“experience of altered consciousness that uses highly distorted and surreal visuals, sound effects and reverberation”

You can view complete pictures I took of the fashion show here.

To give you a teaser, below is the video of the Fashion Show Finale. I loved the unique and striking idea, though I am sure it wasn’t easy for the “mannequins” (models) to hold their doll-like pose.



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