KOI Kemang Kitchen trolley

Another thing we decided to buy from KOI after 3 years of going back and forth and drooling over it is the Kasting Trolley Table. Basically it’s a kitchen trolley that is so versatile in its use. You can use it in the kitchen (but why hide such a beauty?), in the dining area (like we did) or in your office. The brilliant thing about this trolley is that the 3 surfaces can be removed just by lifting it. Seriously it’s that easy. So if you don’t want the middle rack, coz you want to put something tall, then you can remove it. You can then use it as a tray or some sort. Or you can rearrange the different rows.



Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 7.41.46 PM

One of the benefits of the trolley is that we cleared the top surface of our buffet by placing most of the items in the trolley.

  1. TOP SHELF:   condiments and tea
  2. MIDDLE: Vitamins, medicine and other things we usually drink in the mornings i.e. Apple cider vinegar, fiber, etc.
  3. BOTTOM: It’s where I hide the jewelry and accessories I make. It’s cool coz it’s easy to access but it doesn’t look cluttered.

kasting trolley table koi kemang-001

I also put the beautiful painting of my friend Kat on top of it. It’s the perfect cherry on top of this gorgeous piece of teak furniture. It seems just fitting to have a painting of a dollop of cream while we are getting started with our day. “Cheers to the sweet life!” indeed!

kasting trolley table koi kemang

During parties or dinners we clear the stuff, and use the trolley as a bar. It holds glasses and other things we might need for refreshments. I love how it lends an edge of industrial chic to my otherwise luxe Filipiniana theme.

What do you think of this trolley? Can you share links of other trolley designs that you love?



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      Hi KP, if I remember correctly it’s 4.8M. KOI is pricey so we made sure to buy everything we lusted for for a 3 years all at the same time and negotiated for a discount. If you buy a certain amount they can give a 15% discount.


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