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 Usually I would say Mayestic Traditional Pasar for sewing requirements. But to be honest I’ve only ever had my couch covers and throw pillow cases done in Mayestic. So when my not-so-well-made throw pillow zippers from Nicks gave way, I decided to try having it fixed elsewhere. I headed on to a shop I’ve seen but never tried in Kemang called Style n Stitch.

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The little shop is right before you enter the compound of Hero Kemang, on the right side (same side as the flower vendors). The shop is small, but what I like about it is that there is always someone in the store who speaks English. Their rates start at IDR 40.000. It can be a bit steep, but if since I was only having alterations done and you needed it quick – it was my best bet!
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When I showed them my 2 pillow cases, they pointed out to me that the reason it gave way so easily is because the zippers were the low quality kind. They told me next time I have something made, I should always ask for YKK brand zippers, which are much better quality (now that I have them, I can see why!).

I tried doing this when I was at Nick’s but they don’t have YKK, so I have to go to Toku Maju (right beside Nicks) and buy the zipper and buttons I want them to use. At Style n Stitch, you can choose from YKK zippers to the “invisible” Japanese zippers. I paid IDR 40.000 for the YKK zipper replacement and IDR 50.000 for the Japanese zipper. They can also source other materials for you, aside from providing the labor.

I also wanted to see their workmanship on clothes so I brought a maxi dress that needed to be shortened. Just for hem shortening, I paid IDR 40.000. It was a delicate fabric and I am really happy with the work.

They texted me 2 days before pick up time to let me know that my items were ready. They also told me  that I could bring the items back if something wasn’t perfect, within 3 days, and they would fix it for free.

I might have paid a bit more, but it was stress free and really fast. I am still currently awaiting the (5) throw pillows I had made and the 2 other throw pillow zippers that Nick’s is fixing, that are already 2 days late. Nick’s does really awesome beddings and couch covers (next time I’m not going to have throw pillows done there any more).


  • simple alterations start at 40.000
  • Zippers start at 40.000 (depends on the length and kind of zipper you want)
  • Labor for having a simple top or skirt starts at 150.000
  • Click here for their price list

Style n Stitch

Oh another cool thing about Style n Stitch is that one of the owners, Leni, is Filipina. I had the pleasure of meeting her when I picked up my stuff. It’s always nice to meet a fellow Filipino in another country. I was so impressed… she’s only been in Jakarta for 4 years and she already has a great business up and running.

You can find Style n Stitch contact details below. You can also email them to ask for an estimate before even going to their shop.

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Style n Stitch

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    Good to know. Thanks for sharing. We’re moving to Kemang in 4 weeks and I have a lot of clothes that need alteration. Anyhoo, I’m from the Philippines too. Got your blog link from Didi.

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      Hi Wander Woman, wow you are moving to Kemang? It’s a nice place to wander around and explore. How cool that you got my blog link from Didi. I’ve checked out your blog and can’t wait to hear more about your move to Jakarta.

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    I am really so thankful for your blog. So many tips for things that most people actually don’t think about until they need it. Hoping all is well where you are now!


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