Indonesian Beauty Secret: Lulur Body Scrub

One of my favorite Indonesian finds is their amazing beauty secret… LULUR body scrub! It’s basically their local body scrub. I don’t recommend just any Lulur, since there are so many available in the supermarkets, drugstores, etc. When using the right brands, I can say that it’s the best body scrub I’ve ever had, even when compared to professional treatment, which usually irritate the heck out of my sensitive skin.

Traditionally Lulur is powder (pictured on the left), that is mixed into a paste with warm water. It is then scrubbed throughout the body (I don’t use it for my face) left for a few minutes (follow instruction on the packet)  then rinsed. When you follow the proper instructions (must be patient and do not rinse immediately!) it can have almost miraculous effects. Natatangal talaga lahat ng libag! Haha! Any dirt and dead skin cells will wash off to reveal super smooth and soft skin. I first tried traditional Lulur on a trip to Jogja. It’s also made and widely available in Bali (check out Krisna Bali)

Jamu Lulur


My favorite brand is SEKAR JAGAT, the one in the blue tub on the right. It’s basically instant-lulur because it’s already premixed. While you are in the shower, you just rub the mixture on your skin, leave it for a couple of minutes and rinse. Lazy-person’s lulur haha! If you can’t get the traditional powder, Sekar Jagat is THE BEST! Seriously! 


I’ve tried many other lulur brands (like the one pictured in the middle), but the others I’ve tried have that exfoliating property without the moisturizing effect of the traditional powder or Sekar Jagat. I have crazy sensitive and dry skin, so my skin just feels dry and… well, scrubbed. I don’t feel the wonderfully smooth, silky and moisturized results that I do with Sekar Jagat. I also like that I don’t need to prepare it, very convenient to use compared to the traditional powder form.


The only downside with Sekar Jagat because it’s uses fresh natural ingredients is that it wont last as long.

  • Before buying check the expiration date on the cover.
  • Open each tub to check the content’s color and smell. Sometimes it can get contaminated before the expiration date.
  • Store tubs in the chiller to extend shelf life.

Where Buy Sekar Jagat:

  • YOGYAKARTA – Mirota Batik on the famous Jl. Marlioboro for IDR 8.500 (this was in 2011)
  • BALI – Krisna Bali in Denpasar for IDR 8.500 (this was in 2011)
    • Check the stalls in Blok M Square, I’ve seen it a couple of times. They will usually ask IDR 20.000 for it but I’ve haggled up to  IDR 8.500
    • Once I saw it in Pasaraya or Alun-Alun, but they were selling it for something like about IDR 30.000.


How about you? Have you tried Indonesian lulur? Do you have any favorite brands you wanna recommend? Why do you love it and where can we get it! I’d love to hear from you!

Lovely comments

  1. E says

    TDW, have you already done a post on spa places you’d recommend for a good lulur scrub in Jakarta? i’ve been to a couple places but would love to hear your recs.

    • says

      To be honest I haven’t done much lulur in spa’s because of my super sensitive skin. So I usually do it at home using the brand I mentioned above. A friend of mine was just telling me about her good experience. Let me get back to you on the contact details!

  2. arale says

    I would love to recommend Wardah’s soft scrub. It’s grittier than Sekar Jagat, but has similar result. They’re my “heavy duty” lulur on extremely sweaty days. You can find them in Lotte Mart or Carrefour.

    I love Dewi Sri Spa srubs or the cocoa scrub from Taman Sari Royal Heritage too, but they’re quite expensive.

  3. Arpita says

    Hi, I am currently in Ubud and would love it if you could tell me where I can pick up the traditional lulur powder from. I asked in quite a few shops but no one seems to have the brand you recommend for the traditional one. I will be in Denpasar for a few hours to catch a flight to HK and will go to Krisna Bali if the powder is available there. (Otherwise too much triuble with a small 1 year old baby!)

    We are taking so many of your recommendations for Bali and me and my husband are now huge fans of your blog!! Thanks for all the tips!

  4. says

    Thank you for your recommendations! I normally use sari ayu brand lulur but will try sekar jagat next time. I’m quite surprise the difference in price after haggling! I would also recommend checking out pasar baru the next time you are in Jakarta, there are a few of stores selling beauty products at wholesale price. It is in the building opposite pasar atom.

    • says

      Dear Nelly Liu, thank you for the tip. I am sure other readers of this post will find it helpful. It’s so useful, especially for expats, to get bargain shopping tips in Jakarta. I hope you enjoy sekar jagat as much as I did. I even brought some to Berlin with me!

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