JAKARTA EATS: Spanky’s Ribs & Martinis

I’ve been crazy busy recently, with my DiploShop now shipping locally and internationally I’ve considerably added more things to do! Mind you it’s still all little old me – sourcing, designing, hand-crafting, photography, model to fulfilling the orders! Yep no help whatsoever! Which is no wonder the blog hasn’t been getting much attention.  I’ve resolved though to go back to posting! It may not be as detailed as before, but I’d still like to share my discoveries with you via pictures. But if I forget to put details you would like to know, feel free to comment and I will always try to answer as best as I can. Now on to my blogpost on Spanky’s… Pictures of the resto and food after the jump!

From the moment we came in, I was in love! the decor was so retro and well thought of! We even got to talking to a couple beside us (Mr. and Mrs. W), who were also wondering why it was called Spanky’s. Can you guess based on the photos?

Our Gang

01-spankys ribs and martinis restaurant kemang jakarta02-spankys ribs and martinis restaurant kemang jakarta -001

You can tell that whoever designed this place had a sense of humor. “Drink till he’s cute” – LOL!03-spankys ribs and martinis restaurant kemang jakarta -002

I couldn’t wait to go around and snap pictures, but we had to order first. TD got a passionfruit lemonade (very tangy) and I got an earl grey tea with some milk (coz I was still sick with a cold).04-spankys ribs and martinis restaurant kemang jakarta -003

We were here for one reason only – the house specialty, PORK! So TD and I ordered the pulled pork sandwich and a half rack of baby back ribs to share. OMG. The pulled pork sandwich which we slathered with the BBQ sauce was yummy. The coleslaw that was a great accompaniment (read not slathered in mayo) and the french fries were amaze-balls! I am such a sucker for great french fries! It’s one of my weaknesses. =P
05-spankys ribs and martinis restaurant kemang jakarta -004

The half rack of pork baby back ribs is a generous portion. The ribs are falling off the bone tender! I love that it’s accompanied by an arugula salad with a vinaigrette dressing, instead of more carbs. They offer 3 different options for the BBQ sauce. We chose the Spicy Alabama which is has got quite a kick but was perfectly yummy. I’d order it again. 06-spankys ribs and martinis restaurant kemang jakarta -005 We were already a bit full, but were enjoying ourselves immensely with the food and conversation with the couple dining beside us, Mr. & Mrs. W, that we ended up ordering dessert. Besides how could we resist something called a Lindt Chocolate Truffle Cake with Sea Salt? Doesn’t that sound heavenly? It was as yummy as it sounded and we wiped it off. The touch of salt, really brought out that dense chocolate flavor. Just perfect. Isn’t the presentation so lovely too?07-spankys ribs and martinis restaurant kemang jakarta -006

Okay now for the interiors. I don’t think my iPhone 4s did the two-story restaurant justice. You’ll just have to check the resto out for yourself! I love the retro touches and all the little details that the owners thought off! I especially love all the posters on the walls! It’s a bright cheerful place that families can enjoy! 08-spankys ribs and martinis restaurant kemang jakarta -00709-spankys ribs and martinis restaurant kemang jakarta -008

The second floor10-spankys ribs and martinis restaurant kemang jakarta -00911-spankys ribs and martinis restaurant kemang jakarta -010 13-spankys ribs and martinis restaurant kemang jakarta -01212-spankys ribs and martinis restaurant kemang jakarta -011spanky's ribs and martinis

The toilet area was simple and clean. Very important!14-spankys ribs and martinis restaurant kemang jakarta -013So have you figured out why it’s called Spanky’s yet? We actually met one of the owners. Elsie was so lovely and chatted with us for a while. And what a small world! She knew the couple beside us and is also a friend of Imman, our “local” guide to Jakarta! (I’ve written about his recos here many times.)

Spanky’s concept is an American BBQ, which was inspired by the 1920’s to 40’s children’s TV series “Our Gang” and the “Little Rascals.” Interior artwork is full of fun photos, quotes and the stars from the bygone era. Remember Spanky and Darla, and Pete the Dog? How about Alfalfa and Buckwheat with their unique haircuts?

Spanky’s I’ll be back for more of those ribs. Next time I’m going to get me some of those martinis too! Can’t wait to try their other American dishes!




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    The interior looks nice! I have been meaning to go there but I haven’t had a chance. Now I read that you liked the pulled pork, I would like to try it! Thanks for sharing this!!


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