I’m so happy that there is finally a place in Jakarta where I can get tacos that’s delicious, not that expensive, serves alcholic beverages, and is not that traffic to go to. In a city wherein the two major things to do is shopping and dining, there are so many restaurants, that if it is your inclination, you never have to eat in the same place more than once. As a rule, we only return to a place that we really like. We went to Taco Local twice in two weeks and we are planning (and excited) to return very soon. See why after the jump!

We arrived to a small unassuming place. We almost missed it infact coz the building was so narrow. But the warm lights inside look cozy and inviting.

16-Taco Local taqueria jakarta-015

Though it’s small, the interiors have a lot of character and a quirky sense of humor. You can tell that the owner loves tacos (which I later confirmed on a chat with one of staff).

01-Taco Local taqueria jakarta

There were a few diners when we arrived and we scored a seat at the very next to the self-service counter. I was drawn to the table because half of it was in the skate/bike shop adjacent to the taqueria AND coz of the short furry chairs. (I just had to sit on them!). Oh and that’s the ghost of someone else tequila shot. Love that you can get one for only IDR 20.000 here. Not guaranteeing that it’s any good, but hey it’s alcohol. =P

02-Taco Local taqueria jakarta-001 I realize soon after that we were sitting on the best seats in the house. The little taqueria soon filled up with cool people and I had the prime people watching spot. Stealth shots of some outfits I found interesting. (L) Love the retro top, denim cut-offs and high hair. (R-top) That girl was rocking the high waisted jeans with a white tee and some seriously sexy hair. (R-bottom) This lady remind me a bit of Kaho’s style. I loved the studded cuff she was wearing.09-Taco Local taqueria jakarta-008

Food clockwise from top right: 1) My margarita and TD’s Bintang Beer  were both equally perfect for the meal 2) Pulled beef Carne soft tacos 3) Queso Nachos 4) Carne & Chili Tortas.

08-Taco Local taqueria jakarta-007

You can tell that the management and staff have a quirky sense of humor. I love small hole in the wall type of places that are cheap but have plenty of attitude.

07-Taco Local taqueria jakarta-006

This place is self service. Don’t expect anything fancy-schmancy here! You can call to order for pick up, reserve a table (since they have very limited seating) or for delivery.

05-Taco Local taqueria jakarta-00406-Taco Local taqueria jakarta-005

Check out the bike shop adjacent to the resto.
04-Taco Local taqueria jakarta-003 13-Taco Local taqueria jakarta-012

Very casual dining indeed. They also make it very clear that they are not trying to be authentic Mexican or TexMex, but they are an Indonesian interpretation of a Taqueria. Personally, I like the food. And I go for the cheap drinks and super casual fun atmosphere.

12-Taco Local taqueria jakarta-011

Soft Tacos, Burritos, quesedillas and margaritas!11-Taco Local taqueria jakarta-010

How cute and kitschy are these little details. Love the fist-bagholders on the tables, the button shaped stools and the cactus shaped votive holders!

10-Taco Local taqueria jakarta-009

The al fresco dining is small and charming as well. Great for smokers. I also love that they don’t allow smoking in the air-conditioned area. This is a must for me and it’s not as common in Jakarta as I would like it to be.

15-Taco Local taqueria jakarta-014 14-Taco Local taqueria jakarta-013

So if you are the adventurous type, who likes to check out hole-in-the-wall, off-the-beaten path places that serve cheap  Mexican-style food and cheap alcohol in Jakarta – you should check this place out! Oh and did I mention that they serve PORK?!? Yes they do! Click on the link below for the full menu.

As a former surfer girl (I used to surf waves, instead of the internet ya’ know?!) I love the skater-boy vibe of the place!




  • Jalan Panglima Polim 5, No 38, Jakarta 12160, Indonesia
  • +62 21 94949538
  • Open
    • Mon to Thurs: 12nn – 10pm
    • Fri to Sat: 12nn – 12am
    • Sun: 9am – 9pm
  • Note: Cash payment only
  • Click here & here for the complete menu
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  1. E says

    sounds very promising! do they serve pork or some version of tacos al pastor or carnitas? your top margarita pic reminded of agua fresca — another thing I’d love to see here, especially since horchata –the kind made w/ rice and cinnamon — seems to be ripe for an Indonesian interpretation of the drink. do let me know if you encounter (have encountered) the latter. thanks for the write-up. ~E

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