IMO Camera Strap

When I found out about the cutest camera strap giveaway on Miaymarch’s blog, A Matter of Taste, I hurriedly hopped over and joined the contest. After which I made sure to visit her blog daily to add more entries to the contest so I could win the GOLD !MO camera that I lusted after. And all my hard work paid off, coz I won!!! Yipee! The strap arrived via mail yesterday. Check out pictures after the jump!

1-imo DSLR camera strap-0012-imo DSLR camera strap-001

The GOLD camera strap! Weeee! So luxe!

6-imo DSLR camera strap-0053-imo DSLR camera strap-002

And what an upgrade from my boring Canon strap which doesn’t provide any padding at all. !MO straps have padding so they’re comfy to strap around you neck.

7-imo DSLR camera strap-006

Doesn’t the !MO Camera strap look more like a luxe bag strap?!?

8-imo DSLR camera strap-007

Leather strap ends… what an amazing handmade product!

5-imo DSLR camera strap-0044-imo DSLR camera strap-003

I am so in love with my !MO camera strap. For people who like quirky, colorful designs, there are tons of options for you!

9-imo DSLR camera strap-008


For those of you who love lugging your DSLRs around, but wanna do it in style, click on the links below to learn more! You wont believe affordable these babies are!

Thanks again for the wonderful contest/giveaway Miaymarch!  You always have the most amazing giveaways!



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