Why I love folding bellerina shoes

As a diplomat’s wife, I attended many receptions and parties. There are many times when I have to bust out the Filipiniana gown or party dress which have to go with high heels. These receptions are usually cocktail style events with no seats and a few cocktail tables to place ones drinks on. By the end of the night my poor tootsies are hurting and I need to slip my shoes off. Now instead of waiting to get in the car to put on slippers, I have a secret weapon… Butterfly Twists which are usually tiny enough to carry in my bag! #BestInventionEVER

These clever little soles are intended for stylish women who also put a premium on comfortable fashion. Whether she is working or shopping, driving or travelling, clubbing or dancing, she can count on these foldable pumps to give her feet a rest from high heels, anytime, anywhere.

This is the pair that I got. Gold and plain just the way I like it, but they have wild snake-skin prints, metallic and many other designs to suit any style! I’ve had them for a while now… and I’ve kept my pair by the door and grabbing them and tossing them in my bag when I go out in heels or when I’m traveling. They are fabulous, sturdy and do exactly what they promise to do! I am so so lucky that Butterfly Twists gave me a pair to check out!It looks like proper ballerina flats, but it’s so much lighter and ultra comfy. Believe it or not, I can never wear ballerina flats because it  usually hurts my feet – either my pinky toes or the backs of my feet get chafed. These are the only ballerina flats I’ve ever had that don’t hurt at all. It’s because Butterfly Twists are unbelievable soft!


Butterfly Twists are patented fold-away shoes that  twist and fold down so tiny that you can stash it in your handbag. Check out how tiny it folds in the picture below!

It also comes with a handy drawstring bag, where you can stash your heels while wearing your Butterfly Twists.

Check out a sample of the cool Butterfly Twist colors and designs!
Butterfly Twists-002 Butterfly Twists

I love bringing my Butterfly Twists when I am traveling! Usually when I’m in my seat in the airplane I change out of my fab shoes and get comfy. It’s also perfect for kicking back on long car rides or when you’re driving! So much better than getting into too-casual slippers!

Butterfly Twists are easy to throw on when running out on a quick errand. And it really is the best thing at the end of a fab night out!

Butterfly Twists-001

Read more about Butterfly Twists:

Butterfly Twists-003

 * Shoes c/o Butterfly Twists Philippines



    • PLAINS & PRINTS ( TriNoMa, Shangrila, Glorietta 3, SM Mall of Asia, SM outhmall, SM north edsa, Robinsons Ermita, Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Ermita, Gateway, SM Megamall)
    • MOANA Rockwell (+63.2.756.0055)
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    • Orange juice ( Virramall Greenhills, Ayala Town Center, Greenbelt 5 7290849 )
    • PLANET SPORTS ( Rockwell, Glorietta3)

Butterfly Twists International

  • Butterfly Twists started as an exciting dream, but a few short years on the company has grown in remarkable ways, with the brand now stocked in boutiques, department stores and online retailers across the UK.
  • Aside from UK and the Philippines, Butterfly Twists can also found in stores in
    • Japan
    • Germany
    • Austria
    • Luxemburg
    • Switzerland
    • Korea
    • America
    • Italy
    • Singapore
    • Slovenia




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    MY son just walked past my computer and started explaining to me how these are all kung fu shoes. HAHA! I love the idea of bringing them with you everywhere, and I got these suelas but the soles broke already and I haven’t even had them 6 months.
    Can we get them in Manila?

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