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I never thought anyone would ever invent a tool, that would make Grooming my dog a fun experience for me. I am allergic to dust and many other allergens and I have asthma. Grooming a dog can lead to watery eyes, itchy skin, sneezing, shortness of breath, sinusitis, etc. But now, I am actually able to groom DiploDog and enjoy it.

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*NOTE: I am not a doctor and my level of asthma/allergies might not be as severe as others out there. This is my own experience with this product, and other peoples experience might be different. For those who have asthma and allergies, it is best to consult a doctor first.


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When I first used the tool, I attached the tool to my Dyson DC24 via the extension hose and then I held it out for DiploDog to sniff and examine it. I didn’t want him to be afraid of it, by pouncing on him and using it. DiploDog is sensitive to noise and he gets scared when we use the vacuum around the house. I knew that I had to slowly get him used to the grooming tool.

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 Then I began brushing him with it without turning on the vacuum. I did this for a while until he was so relaxed he was even lying down. Then I pointed to the vacuum, so he could see that I was about to turn it on, then I turned it on. He got startled and got up, very wary. I directed him to sit and tried it for the first time. He didn’t like it at first.

The next day, I brought the vacuum beside the bed and took out his jammies. Again I started by brushing him, without turning on the vacuum, then pointed at the vacuum when I was about to turn it on so he didn’t get startled. After a few days of doing this DiploDog started to relax and enjoy the grooming process. He would get excited when the vacuum was out, because he knew that it meant he would sleep on the bed.

I also enjoyed it because it meant much less hair being shed on the bed = less respiratory irritation and less allergic reactions for me! And TD his happy because he likes having DiploDog on the bed. It’s a WIN-WIN for all. =)

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How does the Dyson Groom work? Check out the video below!

And it really works the way it promises to. And it’s so easy to dispose of the hair with one press of a button, down it goes into the bin!

The best thing about it is, that not only does it suck in the excess dog hair, but also the allergens that are trapped in my fluffy Pomeranian’s hair! There are less hair balls in hidden corners around the flat because of the Dyson Groom Tool! This was a fantastic purchase for me. Worth every rupiah I spent!

I use it with my Dyson DC24 and extension hose. Check out how much hair I got on our very first session with DiploDog. It was quite a short session but I was very impressed with the amount of hair. This grooming tool is perfect for medium to long-haired dogs.

8-Dyson Groom Tool-008
If you are interested in getting one of these Dyson Groom Tool for you and your dog, please check first if it’s compatible with your Dyson Vacuum Cleaner with Higienis Indonesia below or check your countries Dyson website.





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  1. says

    Hi DW, when I was pregnant with my first child about that Time I wanted to get a pet dog. But when I read articles about how the dog or cat hair can be a trigger for allergy for young babies I decided not to get one. We had German Shepard in india and he was very hairy and before that we had pure white Pomeranian dog which lived till she was 13 years old .

    • says

      Hi Padma, I have allergies galore, but there are studies that show that babies who are exposed to dogs tend to develop an immunity. That is why were okay with getting DiploDog. Hopefully he will help my future children become immune and not experience the hardship of having asthma and allergies when they get older.

  2. says

    My son is also having asthma. Itchy eyes, when he plays a lot he coughs a lot and shortness of breath, itchy skin around the skin folds very difficult for me to see him taking inhaler puffs. I didn’t have asthma or my husband did. So I try to keep my house as clean ad possible. Recently my Bosch water based vacuum spoiled. So I wanted to get what u have posted but that cost a bomb about 900 sgd so then I got a handheld electrolux vacuum cleaner with chord. No dust bag. I fit know where in the world we get soo much fist in Singapore . Even in a closed house. Ours is s landed house: so I use hot water to mop the house daily. I hope he will outgrow of that when he grows.

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