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Writing about Bali on Currystrumpet’s Let’s Do Brunch, has made me miss doing my Travel Diaries posts. I suddenly remembered a memorable meal we had in July of 2011 at the absolutely stunning Conrad Hotel. The Eight Degrees South is their beach side restaurant, that is perfect for a romantic dinner date! I imagine it would be beautiful for lunch as well. I highly recommend it for a special evening (meaning: it’s a bit pricey, but definitely worth it!).
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Eight Degrees South is Conrad Bali’s signature Mediterranean restaurant, as well as one of Bali’s genuine destination dining adventures. Savor fresh seafood and be tempted by pizza and pasta selections that marry Mediterranean traditions with tropical touches. By night, beneath soft moonlight and a glittering canopy of stars, feel the sand beneath your toes and the sea breeze in your hair as you anticipate an evening to remember.

Dab some Balinese sambal on your lobster, throw as many shrimps as you like on the barbecue, and indulge in some fresh-shucked oysters. Flickering torchlight and leaping flames at the barbecue pits and grill stations turn up the heat as expert chefs await your requests. Create your salad from an impressive array of organic ingredients. Pair wines by the glass with your a la carte courses with the expert help of our sommelier, or choose a bottle or two from Bali’s best wine list.

- Conrad Hotels

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The sea breeze was really lovely that evening and it was such a pleasant night to dine al fresco. One thing about dining by the beach when there is a great breeze is there is no need to worry about pesky mosquitos.Dinner at Eight Degrees South Conrad Hotel Bali

I love the  wonderful Bali-made hand blown glass and ceramic tableware that they used. Very luxe resort.08-eight degrees south restaurant conrad hotel bali-007 The freshly baked bread was delicious!09-eight degrees south restaurant conrad hotel bali-008For entrees, we decided to get one seafood and one meat. All main course dishes are served with fresh confit of vegetables, plus your choice of one side dish:

  • mashed potato with either truffle butter, blanched garlic and fresh herbs or traditional
  • green salad with olive oil and white balsamic vinaigrette
  • warm couscous salad with dried fruits and fresh herbs

I think we both asked for mashed potatoes. (How can we say no to truffle butter?)

I had the Tuna with Moreton Bay bugs bush tomato, lemon mylisee herb and local chilli. The tuna was fresh and the Moreton Bay Bugs is like a cheaper version of the lobster. The dish was good, but paled in comparison to the fantastic entree that TD ordered.
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TD ordered the Premium Australian grade wagyu marbled and scored to enhance tenderness and flavour with Jaborandi peppers seared foie gras, morels flambeed with vodka, truffled pecorino misto sauce. This is more than twice the price of my entree but boy was it worth it. I am not a steak person, but this was just amazingly tasty and cooked to perfection. This was the dish that forever made me a foie gras convert! If you find yourself in Eight Degrees South, I highly recommend this dish.

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For dessert,we had the chocolate bar with mascarpone and praline ice cream, caraway seed crisp. This was another winner! So simple yet so decadent. The flavors of the homemade chocolate bar and ice cream were rich and perfectly complimented to each other. It’s too bad that it’s currently not in their menu.  But I’m sure the other desserts will be just as amazing.

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I absolutely love the architecture, interior design and landscaping of Conrad Hotel. I am obsessed with the Asian minimalist toilets! 1-Dinner at Eight Degrees South Conrad Bali

Not only was the meal unforgettable, but walking the grounds of the hotel is an experience as well, both during the day and in the evening. After our meal, we walked back to the hotel as if in a dream (not just because we were in post-dinner food bliss) but because of how ethereal everything looked.

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It was a wonderful meal, in a fantastic location, with great service and ambiance. If I could go back, I would definitely try one of their lobster entrees. Have you ever eaten in Eight Degrees South? What did you have and do you recommend it?






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  1. Stephanie says

    So timely I just finished dinner at the restaurant this evening. It was very good. Though I dined with my 5 year old twins as my husband had already returned to Jakarta. Lunch is also very good.


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