How to Prevent Molds

“Dehumidifiers changed my life” is exactly what my best friend, Jenn, told me after I recommended them to her. No more moldy/peeling bags and shoes and no more moldy closets! It’s definitely something we need in places like Manila and Jakarta, where humidity is high. You especially need this if you live beside a canal in Jakarta. More info after the jump!

BERLIN UPDATE: I brought about 20 pcs of these to Berlin and they are also useful here because during cold weather condensation forms between my 2 window and I use this to stop this from happening so that I don’t need to repair condensation caused damage. I also want to avoid having molds in the bathrooms where hot moist air meets cold air so I have dehumidifiers in there too. They are also inside our closets.

Bagus Serapair heavy duty dehumidifier


The brand I use in Jakarta is Bagus Serapair Heavy Duty Dehumidifier in Bamboo Charcoal. There are other colors, but this one has no fragrance. I dislike the popular pink colored ones, because the floral scent is so strong and I try not to have any artificial scents in my home. These tubs are quite cheap, about IDR 8,500 – 10.000 per piece in ACE Hardware of GrandLucky Superstore.

In Manila, there are many different brands available. Usually I buy them in bulk in True Value or Ace Hardware.

I usually buy a lot because each closet and cabinet in my home has one. I also make sure to put inside each toilet cabinet.  This prevents…

  • molds from growing in bags/shoes/closets
  • peeling bags and shoes (while stored inside closets that have no ventilation)
  • damp clothes (Jakarta is very humid)
  • cracking of my wooden furniture

I replace them regularly. Once the water has reached the maximum level, it’s time to refill or replace. They have refills in the floral scent, though I really wish they had it in the charcoal variant.
Bagus Serapair heavy duty dehumidifier-001

Bagus Serapair heavy duty dehumidifier-002 Bagus Serapair heavy duty dehumidifier-003 Bagus Serapair heavy duty dehumidifier-004

Place inside closets, cabinets, boxes and other containers in your home, to prevent dampness, molds, etc.! Personally I prefer these to dehumidifying machines, because it doesn’t consume electricity and so far it’s been very effective.

I remember before, I always had problems with peeling shoes and bags or having molds inside them – especially when they don’t get used often. Now I don’t experience this anymore

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Lovely comments

  1. Duckses says

    They are great – used them a lot at my old place with mold problems. But I hope you never have to clean up a dehumidifier spill behind a closet. The liquid is awful a be sticky and it never dries! How do you dispose of your dehumidifier liquid?

      • ice pajarillaga says

        whats the most effective brand that can be found in manila? thanks. Your article is a life saver! lol, i just move to new place and my cabinet and my room always feels damp :(

        • says

          Hi Ice, I don’t really know the best brand in Manila, but I would just go to True Value Hardware and buy whatever they were selling there in the biggest tubs possible – usually I buy in bulk. The bigger the tubs, the less often you have to change. Also look for the ones with refill, so you don’t need to spend as much on new tubs. Just buy cheaper refills. They also have the same thing in Ace. I don’t really care about the brand, the cheaper and bigger the tub the better! I’m glad you found this post helpful! Lemme know how it goes!

  2. MH says

    My dehumidifier spilled. Is there really no way to clean it up? It’s on some of my soft toys from childhood… :(

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