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Whenever I am in the Philippines, I never fail to go to my dentist and aesthetician Dr. Laura of Affinity Dental Clinic. I’ve worked hard to maintain my teeth and gum health over the years. I’ve even had braces twice (the first one was to straighten teeth) and the second one was to avoid risky surgery, that could possibly damage some nerves in my jaws. I am the type of person with teeth that chip and get tooth decay easily so I have to be vigilant, and always have to get cleaning and fillings. TD is lucky though, he never never gets fillings. 


What I love about Dr. Laura:

  • First off, isn’t the interiors of the clinic so fab? How cool, to have such chic interiors for clinic. It’s a bonus that’s great to have when you already have great dentists inside.
  • Dr. Laura teaches me things, that my other dentists didn’t. Maybe they assumed that I already know it (like flossing first, before brushing). She is so patient in explaining anything and everything I ask about. It is obvious from the way she talks that she is passionate about teeth.
  • She is always at the forefront of dental advancement and is always learning new methods and technology.
  • If she is unsure about something, she is with a team of dentist with different specialties and consults with them on the best possible solution.
  • For example, I needed retainers and a bite guard so she discussed with the ortho and other specialists in her clinic, the best way to handle it. I ended up using Invisalign-type of retainers. Which are even better than normal retainers at keeping teeth alignment, but also protect teeth from night grinding. Which I do! That’s why my teeth has hairline cracks in the enamel, and I once broke off the side of my molar! I love my new retainers, because they are so much easier and more comfortable to wear than normal retainers.
  • Another thing I learned from her are there are already removable options for kids, to prevent them from having to wear braces which can be difficult. These options can be worn at night, to align teeth and are much cheaper than having braces.
  • Also having straight teeth is not about vanity. The more important thing (for me anyway) to have is a proper bite and not to have teeth crowding so that in your old age, your teeth wont be worn down to stumps, or you don’t have early tooth loss because there is a lot of pressure on our teeth because of a bad bite. Teeth crowding makes it also harder to clean in between and can lead to gum problems.

I am not an expert in teeth so don’t take my word for it. Ask your dental practitioner about it or go and ask Dr. Laura. This is not a paid post, I am merely a happy patient. Soon I will also share details on my other favorite dentist in Jakarta! Please watch out for it!

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