Parmesan Puff Pastry Twists

We just had the last of our Drink-Our-Booze Parties last Saturday. It wast not only the perfect way to clear our liquor  and say good-bye with a bang to our friends, but it was also a perfect way to clear the pantry. I really shouldn’t be cooking any more but there is still so much food so I did what I could with what I already had available. I made paella (using chorizo from Spain from my MIL), wild mushroom pasta using white truffle oil from Truffles & More Philippines, mangga’t bagoong to finish the Barrio Fiesta Bagoong we had (Thanks Bea!) and Parmesan Twists to finish of the puff pastry that I had in the freezer. Recipe after the jump!

Parmesan Twists

Usually I make the puff pastry with some mozzarella, asparagus, parmesan and salt and pepper (something I learned from Kaho). But I needed an appetizer that would be super easy to make, serve and eat. I found this recipe on youtube. It’s sooooo good and so easy! You can prepare it on several trays and pop them right in 30 minutes before the party so they are freshly baked and ready when your guests start arrving.


  • The 12 minutes is only a guide, because ovens are not made equal. Sometimes I needed to extend the time (I kept on adding 2 minute on my timer until the twists were really golden.
  • The best part about making this is once the twists have cooled a little and you’ve transferred them from the wax line trays to your serving dishes, I love making-papak or eating the salty-yummy parmesan that’s left on the tray! Burnt parmesan is just so delicious! Try it!
  • Where to buy ready-to-bake puff pastry:
    • In Jakarta, I get them from the frozen goods section of Papaya or GrandLucky Sudirman.
    • In Berlin, I get Belbake Fresh Puff Pastry from LIDL Supermarket chillers. Look for Belbake Frischer Blätterteig

Enjoy! Let me know how it goes!

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      I think this should be pretty easy to get in Manila. Make sure to check the frozen sections! Rustans Fresh would be a good bet. You can use regular parmesan cheese, but I love using Grana Padano on this. I’d love to see a photo when you try it out!

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