BERLIN FINDS: Cheap Clothes Shopping at PRIMARK

One thing that is definitely cheaper for us in Berlin than Jakarta is the clothes. Seriously! One would think that clothes will be cheaper in Indonesia, where a lot of the factories are, but for an expat that’s really not the case. (In Indonesia there is “local price” and “expat price” – jacked up I tell you!) For cheap but good quality clothing (not high end brands okay?) then Berlin is so much cheaper. I thought I was already in heaven in H&M which is cheaper and same (if not better) quality than Zara Indonesia, even if I only buy from the latter when it’s on sale. Then I stepped into Primark. It’s can even be cheaper than H&M! We had to get some fall and winter gear and pictures of some of our loot after the jump!

I don’t mind wearing the same item as someone on a train – as long as I styled it different, I don’t really care. So if you care about being unique and will feel very bad if you are wearing the same thing as someone in a room… I suggest only getting very basic items from Primark.

Check out some of our finds below! Click on images for clearer bigger pics.

1-primark berlin cheap clothes shopping

2-primark berlin cheap clothes shopping-001

I love these super cheap sequinned shawl and cap. Perfect for when we go to something more dressy in the evening!

3-primark berlin cheap clothes shopping-002


  • Thick tights of all colors and textures! I just got one first because I wanna be sure about the size.
  • Touch screen friendly gloves!

4-primark berlin cheap clothes shopping-003

I also got a snood that’s light enough for fall.6-primark berlin cheap clothes shopping-005

TD got a fall jacket for only €45. Good thing we didn’t buy it at Zara Indonesia for sale at only $100 (sale na yon ha!)5-primark berlin cheap clothes shopping-004

* DIPLOTIP: Diplos can get the 19% tax back by purchasing a minimum of €110. So it ends up even cheaper if you save your purchases and make one trip for the entire family. If your purchase is more than €150 make sure to get a receipt with your name on it. In Primark you can go to the Customer Service area with the receipt and your DiploCard. They will photocopy both to send to head office and then their HO will forward the Official Receipt with your name to your embassy in 2 weeks or more.





  • Primark Fashion Ltd.. & Co. KG,
  • Castle Road Center, Walther-Schreiber-Platz 1

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    Funny, I was just at Primark yesterday! There are two in the Netherlands, neither are in Amsterdam so it’s still a bit of a trip out. The knits are cute but you really have to have good thermals under and be careful when washing as they are synthetic. I wish I had seen those touch screen gloves… I think I need another Primark spree before winter!

    • says

      Hahaha! How far is it for you to travel to go to Primark there? I know what you mean about the knits. I think one false move and it’s all over. So many of the knitted snoods were already messed up so it was even hard finding one that was in perfect condition. But TD told me to just go for it and use it. If it gets messed up then it gets messed up. At 3 Euros pwede na!

      I hear ya about the thermals! And I am still looking for some good investment winter pieces. I was told to buy a few to last me through my first winter since things get dirt cheap even for high end stuff in Feb. Big sale on winter stuff! Any recos for investment buys?


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