BALI BUYS: Quicksilver VIP Outlet Shopping

As mentioned in an older post, Bali is the perfect place to buy surfer gear or beach attire! Many of the famous brands, like Quick Silver and Roxy, actually have factories in Bali so outlet shopping is crazy cheap!

I mentioned cheaper outlets in my old post, but this time around I only wanted bikinis and shorts. No accessories, bags, dresses, etc. Those things I can get at the non-aircon outlet stores but GOOD bikinis I can only get at ONE outlet store: The Quicksilver Store VIP in Seminyak.

My body type is special and I need maximum coverage. At the VIP store you can choose between minimum, medium and maximum coverage. Something you don’t find in the dregs of the cheapest non-AC outlet stores. There is definitely more variety to choose from in this lovely store.

What is so special about these Roxy bikinis that I will brave the Kuta traffic all the way from Nusa Dua? They are made for surfing and have been tested to withstand the violent waves so they are sturdier than lounging Bikinis.

  • Jl. Raya Legian 88, Kuta Bali 80361
  • +62 61 756677


When you are on Jalan Sunset, watch out for this massive building as well. There are several stores inside that sell some branded stuff.

TD got some nice Nike Dri-Fit shirts and shorts (from the gold line so it’s nice and preppy, though he doesn’t like golf) – all for under Rp200,000 or $20 each.  He also got a nice non-iron short from Marks & Spencer for Rp 180,000.

I on the other hand got super-low skirts and shorts (the only cut that flatters my massive bottom and short physique) from surfer brands such as billabong, etc. All my skirts are for under $40. It’s a bit pricey but they are the denim kind so they can last awhile.



* I cannot guarantee the accuracy of this post, since I was in Bali awhile back. Please check with the original sources in case the information is outdated. If you find any errors, kindly write me on the comment section or email to to let me know. I’ll try to update and correct the wrong information. Thank you!


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