BERLIN FINDS: Villa Harteneck Interior Decor

As part of our Grunewald tour in the WIB First Steps in Berlin Group, we visited the luxury interior design shop, Villa Harteneck. I absolutely love the casual but oh-so-luxe look, so this visit was very exciting for me. The facade of the store alone was already so impressive. How could it not be? The store is situated inside a neoclassical villa. I could not wait to see the interiors. This is a photoblog of everything that caught my eye in the store, and because everything in the store is carefully curated and utterly beautiful, you can see how crazy I went after the jump.

Luxury Interior Design by Frank Stüve at Villa Harteneck

Villa Harteneck is a full service Interior Design shop that can handle everything home interiors related: furniture, accessories, dinnerware, flowers, gardens and event event styling. Because of this, the show room isn’t as bare as most showrooms, it has a lived in look… as if the stylish owner of the villa has just welcomed you into their home. And the team of Villa Harteneck makes you imagine what your home could look like.


03-villa-hartneck-frank-stuve01-villa-hartneck-frank-stuve 05-villa-hartneck-frank-stuve villa-harteneck-frank-stuve-berlin-004 Their range of home scents is in this room, and you’ll know it the moment you sniff the heavenly scents.villa-harteneck-frank-stuve-berlin-00806-villa-hartneck-frank-stuve 08-villa-hartneck-frank-stuvevilla-harteneck-frank-stuve-berlin-010My favorite part of the store was the back most living area which was filled with all things gold – my favorite colour! It wasn’t a tacky gold, but a luxe pale gold mixed with warm colours – making the room feel so cozy, even if everything in that room is uber luxe and pricey.

I was drooling  over this gold lamp and book shelf. The bookshelf is to-die-for; it’s basically an piece of art! I checked the price tag and I realized that this is something that I will never in my life be able to afford – let me give you a hint, it’s the price of a Mercedes Benz. LOL!  I think the lamps are good value… they are affordable, especially for the high quality material and workmanship.07-villa-hartneck-frank-stuve villa-harteneck-frank-stuve-berlin-009 villa-harteneck-frank-stuve-berlin-007 Gold tea cups!villa-harteneck-frank-stuve-berlin-006 I love these 2 pieces of black and white art on the wall. There is something so hauntingly beautiful about their facial expressions. If I had the money I would buy the one on the right.villa-harteneck-frank-stuve-berlin-00502-villa-hartneck-frank-stuvevilla-harteneck-frank-stuve-berlin-01104-villa-hartneck-frank-stuve villa-harteneck-frank-stuve-berlinvilla-harteneck-frank-stuve-berlin-002villa-harteneck-frank-stuve-berlin-013


This store might be high end, but it doesn’t hurt to visit especially if you want to be inspired by beauty and design. I am so in love with how Frank Stüve and his team are able to mix such eclectic styles, textures and prints. Another thing I noticed is that even if this is in the category of luxury, the sofas and other furniture are very comfy. Not the kind of high-end stuff that you are afraid to use and enjoy. High style and design combined with functionality – for me this is the best combination! I hope you enjoyed the photos!



Villa Harteneck

  • Douglas Street 9, 14193 Berlin
  • Phone +49 30-89 72 78 90
  • Fax +49 30-89 72 78 91
  • Hours:
    • Tue – Fri: 10:00 am – 19.00 clock
    • Sat: 10.00 – 18.00 clock
    • Mondays are closed


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