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One big differences between living in Manila/Jakarta versus Berlin, is the abundance of toilets flats. In Asia there was a 1:1 ratio between rooms and bathrooms. In Berlin most of the flats we saw had only 1 bathroom, even for 3-room apartments. Good thing I was armed with my secret weapon, a few boxes of Just a Drop. It was especially helpful when we had guests over. Just a Drop made the experience of 4 people using 1 bathroom, infinitely more pleasant for everybody.


Just a Drop – A Pre-poop Odour Prevention Product



Just a Drop is different from all these scents that are widely used in the market, whether they be artificial or natural scents. Examples are oil burners, incense, candles, sprays, oil diffusers, potpourri, etc don’t do anywhere as well as this product. I especially don’t like using aerosol products in our home like Lysol because I believe it is bad for us, especially babies and pets and besides, it just masks the odour that you know is already there anyway – so it still grosses me out. There are many times when despite one’s best effort there is still a hint (a whiff) of what happened in the toilet anyway right?

Just a Drop is as simple as it sounds: You place ONE DROP in the toilet bowl BEFORE doing the deed and it creates a deodorizing layer in the toilet water that blocks the odours from even rising into the air. Not only is it cheap, but it is also eco-friendly! How awesome is that?

Just’a Drop bathroom odor eliminator effectively traps and eliminates 98% of odors BEFORE they escape into the air. Made from highly concentrated plant extract, Just’a Drop is biodegradable and safe to use in any toilet.


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This products is perfect for:

  • Sharing bathrooms with spouses – keep that romance alive by not sharing those poopy odours! Haha!
  • Sharing bathrooms with flatmates
  • For overnight guests
  • For parties where many people will be sharing the guest toilet
  • Travellers – It’s so tiny that it can go in your hand-carry, more convenient than sprays/matches (besides it’s not like you can bring a match on a plane right?)
  • People who have shy bottoms to bring around wherever they go. Those who don’t want any trace of their toilet activities to be found  – you know who you are!

I was really happy to learn about  Just a Drop from the fellow diplo wife. She is the wife of the American Ambassador to Indonesia, a fabulous Filipina I met when we were based in Jakarta. She said that she provided  Just a Drop in all their toilets, and it was especially helpful during parties, so much so that in one party a bottle “disappeared” – probably from a guest who was amazed by the results.

I know this is a topic not many people want to talk about, but I just wanted to share this discovery with you readers, because I love this product so much and I think its such a simple and practical solution to something that can be highly embarrassing or unpleasant. And my recent house-guests were telling me how wonderful it was!


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 TOILET-RELATED THOUGHT: On the upside, lines for the ladies room in Berlin move amazingly fast.  I have no doubt that the bathroom sharing at home has much to do with this fast and efficient behaviour. This is something I love about Berlin, because in Manila and Jakarta, I am used to waiting in long slow queues in the ladies room. I honestly don’t know what some ladies do in there! Here in Berlin, I line up in long queues and before I know it, it’s my turn. Love it!

You can feel comfortable even when the bathroom is not your own. Nobody will know you ever had to go!

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If you cannot find Just a Drop there are other similar pre-poop odour product like the one in the funny TV commercial below. Be warned, it’s a bit crass, but the commercial model says it in the cutest accent. =p


Where to buy Just a Drop

Manila: True Value
Jakarta:  Ace Hardware or pharmacies like Guardian
USA: order online here

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  1. Happy says

    Hi from the US, from a fellow diplowife. :-) Just to round out this fantastic tip – thanks, by the way! – here’s another tip to address a related dilemma: inadvertently leaving poop marks in the toilet bowl. Simply lay down a ‘raft’ of toilet paper on the surface of the water before doing the deed. One layer of 2- to 3-piece toilet paper sheets is sufficient to carry away one’s poop cleanly upon flushing. 😉


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