Framed Batik Stamp Indonesia Keepsake

I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but don’t like clutter, so I like to find souvenirs which serve a dual purpose, like being decorative,  having a function in my home, something I can use or wear. Batik is the pride of Indonesia so I wanted to have a batik souvenir of our very first posting abroad. The only challenge was that I don’t like print very much – it’s just a personal preference of mine – but I was able to find away to have batik in my home which fits my personal taste: a framed batik stamp! Check out how I got it for a fraction of the cost after the jump!

Indonesian Batik Stamp

I think that the batik stamp, with it’s shiny bronze surface is gorgeous when framed in white or natural wood color. I love the matte pale gold paint in the recessed portion. It’s so luxe and polished.

A framed batik stamp, is a great way to have batik in your home. It’s not as crazy as a print (for pattern-phobes like me), and it looks so darn gorgeous! You can find it ready made in Vinoti Living or similar decor stores for IDR 1 to 4Million. However I got the used stamp from Yogyakarta, where they make a lot of batik and then sell the old stamps at  Mirota Batik on Jalan Marlioboro. The stamp was only IDR 350.000. Then I had it framed in Koncept Kemang for only IDR 150.000. So in total I only spent IDR 500.000 instead of Millions. What do you think?

indonesia batik stamp

It is now hanging over my hallway together with my…

the diplomatic wife berlin hallway-006

DIPLO TIP: When ordering stuff from Konsep, it is better to have a picture peg of what you want to have done and they can copy it. In my experience, when they tell me a date for pick up, it is better to call first before going because many times I went and the item was not yet ready. So before battling through Kemang traffic, call first. For the prices they charge, I cannot complain.



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