JAKARTA EATS: Pork Tourism in North Jakarta

While we were based in Jakarta, TD coined the term “pork tourism”, because when we were deprived of pork in mostly Muslim Jakarta,  we realised how much we loved and ate pork. When we would go on trips to Bali and Medan where there are many Hindus and Buddhist/Christians respectively, we went on Pork Tourism mode, where we would search for the best pork in the city. So here we are being pork tourists in North Jakarta!

This has to be one of my most unforgettable foodie experiences in Jakarta. And how perfect is it that we experienced it with the owners of the ultimate shop for people who like to cook, Pantry Magic Jakarta?

The first restaurant, Sky, was my favorite. I don’t know if it was because we were just starving, but the flat noodles and the 2 kinds of pork  were just to-die-for YUM!pork tourism pluit north jakarta-032pork tourism pluit north jakarta-033pork tourism pluit north jakarta-036pork tourism pluit north jakarta-034

Don’t forget to season the noodles with the different sauces.pork tourism pluit north jakarta-035 pork tourism pluit north jakarta-037In Bakmie Keriting Siantar 19, we had really yummy noodle that came with a side of soup. It’s up to you if you want to pour the soup in or eat it separately. This reminded me of the days when my lolo (grandpa) would take us to Ma Mon Luk where the stinky noodles when cooked in the soup were just SO good!pork tourism pluit north jakarta-038 pork tourism pluit north jakarta-039 pork tourism pluit north jakarta-040 pork tourism pluit north jakarta-042 pork tourism pluit north jakarta-043pork tourism pluit north jakarta-044 Local juices that i’ve never had before.pork tourism pluit north jakarta-045Next up was iced coffee (reminds me of our favorite Vietnamese iced coffee) in this eatery that has a picture of quirky-posing owners. LOL!pork tourism pluit north jakarta-046 pork tourism pluit north jakarta-048pork tourism pluit north jakarta-047pork tourism pluit north jakarta-051pork tourism pluit north jakarta-052While enjoying coffee we enjoyed this delicious Nasi Kucing from this stall.

pork tourism pluit north jakarta-053

I had to ask, is it made of cat? Because “kucing” is Bahasa Indonesian for cat haha. And Rianto and Cindy explained that it was called cat rice because of the portion size.

Nasi kucing ([ˈnasi ˈkutʃɪŋ]; also known as sego kucing[1] and often translated cat rice[2] or cat’s rice) is an Indonesian rice dish that originated from Yogyakarta, Semarang, and Surakarta but has since spread. It consists of a small portion of rice with toppings, usually sambal, dried fish, and tempeh, wrapped in banana leaves.

pork tourism pluit north jakarta-049 pork tourism pluit north jakarta-054pork tourism pluit north jakarta-050
We were already rolling after all the food, but as true foodies, we persisted. Since TD loves duck we had to try the famous Aeng Bihin Bebek!

pork tourism pluit north jakarta-058pork tourism pluit north jakarta-055 pork tourism pluit north jakarta-057pork tourism pluit north jakarta-056

Last but not the least was the famous Roast Pork at ATEK.
pork tourism pluit north jakarta-059 pork tourism pluit north jakarta-063

Roast Pork

pork tourism pluit north jakarta-061

Babi Merah

pork tourism pluit north jakarta-060 

One thing to note in this place is that they sell really yummy chicharon (pork skin crackling)! I also enjoyed this tangy juice made with a fruit, whose name I forgot. (I am so bad with fruits. I think all I know is mango really haha!)pork tourism pluit north jakarta-062For expats in Jakarta  who are adventurous foodies and love pork, I would definitely recommend a food trip up North. The places we went to, though not upscale restaurants were clean, and we didn’t get any tummy bugs, I promise! I am sure there are many other places that we didn’t get to go to. It is great to go with a local because the tidbits of information that they give is priceless.

Thanks so much Rianto and Cindy. This was an experience of Jakarta that TD and I will always remember and treasure. I don’t think we’ve ever eaten so much in our lives!




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  1. E says

    oh my goodness-thanks for this post! i shared your TD’s clever term while sharing a pork knuckle with a friend in bkk (where this type of tourism thrives) a few weeks ago. totally going to check these places out. btw, the guy in plaid in the framed pic looks like the current Jak vice-gov Basuki. He and Jokowi had those matching plaid shirts in their campaign posters…which always seemed a bit incongruous for Jakarta, but they won so what do I know. fun post!

    • says

      Hahaha! Maybe it is the Vice Gov! LOL! I just assumed it was the owners… a loyal supporter perhaps? =p I hope the term catches on haha! We are totally enjoying all the pork here in Germany and it seems almost unbelievable how pork-starved we were in Jakarta. I guess we don’t know how much we love something until it’s harder to get LOL! Thanks for commenting… I always get a giggle when you comment E! I miss our meet ups! Come meet up with me in Berlin! I am enjoying the German wine like you said I would – HEAVEN! And so cheap!

  2. Annie says

    Hi! Nice post! Just wanted to know why you blur out your husband’s face and do cartoon-ish edits on your face in the pics here in your blog?

    • says

      Dear Annie, thank you for your comment! It’s so nice to hear from readers who like a post! With regards to your questions, it’s a personal preference of mine for several private reasons. Thank you for dropping me a line!


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