DIPLO HOME: Radiator Wall Decor

One of the things, i’ve never had to deal with in a Tropical country was having a radiator and it’s one of the challenges I faced in our new home. Inspiration struck when I was looking through My First Apartment Book by Kyle Schuneman, though this is our third apartment, this book still provides invaluable beautiful yet budget friendly decor ideas and DIY instructions.  Details after the jump!


I was hesitant to put photo frames directly on top of the radiator because I know heat and changing humidity can affect photos. Then I remember seeing a collection of antique globes displayed using floating shelves in Kyle Schuneman‘s My First Apartment Book and I realized that I could have a photo wall on top using picture ledges instead! I was so was excited to grab a hold of 2 RIBBA Picture Ledges in White from IKEA Berlin (image below from IKEA). ribba-picture-ledge__0123087_PE220521_S4


Right now I still haven’t organized and framed enough photos, but it’s definitely something I need to do. In the meantime, I casually placed some random photos I already have. I don’t think it’s so bad. What do you think?

I also placed my brass colored standing lamp from ACE Hardware Indonesia, and turned the lamp up, so that in the evenings it can highlight the photo wall.

On top of the photo wall, I mounted an oversized industrial-look wall clock. The size is big enough to fit the size of the  high ceilinged dining/living room. And it also complements the industrial kitchen trolley from KOI Kemang.

diplo home radiator photowall decor-001


Remember TD’s antique gun? I had a stand build for it so that we could display it too. Without the stand, the gun looks like clutter and can potentially scratch our furniture. I had the teak stand made for cheap at Koncept Gallery Kemang (details below). When we move, we just remove the gun and pack both up separately. diplo home bespoke antique gun stand display-001 diplo home bespoke antique gun stand display


I love the industrial look combined with rustic finish recycled teak of this KOI kitchen trolley (pictured above). Having it in the dining area,  helps keep our table top surfaces clear. (You can see how cluttered out buffet used to be HERE, before we had this kitchen trolley) This is where I have our medicines and vitamins, spices, tea and coffee items. During meal times, spices that accompany the meal are placed on the table. After the meal, we put it back on the trolley to keep the table clutter-free. Vitamins and medicines are also within easy reach after meals.

Once it gets colder and we turn up the radiator heat, I’ll be transferring this trolley to another corner because heat is not good for medicine and food products. For now I am enjoying the look of this wall, even if it needs some more work. I will post pictures once I’ve done some improvements. What do you think?

I am inspired by this lovely post on Radiator Charm from Le Zoe Musings.



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    I love how you decorated the area! I love picture ledges, too!! I wanted to grab the white ones from IKEA, just like the ones you bought, but I couldn’t find them in the U.S. (probably my fault), so I have silver ones I bought from Target in U.S. I also love your oversized industrial clock!!!

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