DIPLO FINDS: Luckey Bottle Opener

Does this happen to you too? We always have bottle openers lying around, but the moment we need it, like when we are out of town, we can’t find one! The bottle openers we have aren’t so handy so we end up leaving them at home. I found the ultimate bottle opener that is as easy to bring as a key! The Fred and Friends Luckey Bottle Opener, is pretty brilliant. I gave it to TD as a token thank you gift for being wonderful a while ago.


I love that it is so light and it blends in with the keys so TD can have it in his pocket all the time. No more trying to open bottles with lighter bottoms, tables, door jams or heaven-forbid teeth! LOL!

GOOD TO NOTE: TD always remembers to separate his Luckey Bottle Opener from his set of keys, before we go to the airport. Important keys go in the  hand carry, while the bottle opener goes into the checked in luggage. This item will not be allowed in hand cary.



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      Hi Ebe, I actually have an idea. I wanted to cover a cork board with fabric and frame it using a pretty frame and then arrange the different bottle openers I have on it and then place small nails to hang the different bottle openers in a nice arrangement. It can be a way to display-organise bottle openers so that we know where they all are and they are easy to access during parties. What do you think?

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