DIPLO DOG: Berlin Veterinary Clinic

Diplo Dog was quite sick last week and we had some sleepless nights and it wasn’t pleasant at all (I won’t bother you with the gross details). I took Diplo Dog to this clinic near the embassy and I loved it! I went on a weekday and it was not crowded at all. Only 1 person then it was my turn. The reception and the vet, Jens Vöster, spoke perfect English. I just want to share this in case you are looking for a Veterinarian or Tierarzt in the Charlottenberg area. Details after the jump!

Diplo Dog and his bum tummy.

diplo dog veterinary clinic berlin

I like the simple, modern and cheerful interiors.  It’s a very pleasant way to wait. I think they also provide coffee and water. And there is even seating and some toys if you go with your child or children.

diplo dog veterinary clinic berlin-002

While waiting, I distracted myself with the evolution chart of dogs. So here in Germany, where Pomeranians supposedly come from, Diplo Dog’s breed is called Kleinspitz. And he is closely related to the Syberian Husky and the Alaskan Malamute. It’s also fascinating to see that his breed is on the 2nd level after the wolf!

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I also really liked the Veterinarian, Herr J. Vöster, because he was very kind and able explain to me very well in English what was going on. He also explained well a future procedure for Diplo Dogs mouth infection. I can highly recommend him, if you are an expat who doesn’t speak Deutsch. TD (The Diplomat) mentioned that the other lady vet that he saw before needed the nurse to translate. I just feel that when it comes to health practitioners, be it for humans or animals, communicating well is key for full recovery. Another thing I liked about Herr Vöster is how cable he was and how gentle he was with handling Diplo Dog. Our baby is completely well now and I’m relieved.

For veterinary consultations and services, it’s naturally more expensive here in Berlin than in Manila or Jakarta. For consultation, ear cleaning and anal sac expressing, I paid around 36 €. It’s super expensive for me considering what I am used to, but I am happy with what I am getting for it. The scaling for the teeth to rid Diplo Dog of the infection in his mouth is estimated to be 150 – 200 € including anaesthesia. YIKES.  Someone from the embassy recommended getting pet insurance (yes they have that here) because of the high prices of Veterinary services, but the quotation given to us was 50 €/month and it is a bit too steep for us.  I wonder if there are any other companies that have cheaper coverage?  If you know of any in Berlin, then I’d love to hear it! Drop me a line below.

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Tierärztliche Gemeinschaftspraxis – Stolle-Mallorny / Vöster

  • (030) 86  20 91 81
  • Ask when Herr Vöster’s clinic hours are
  • Hohenzollern Damm 185, 10713 Berlin map
    • Bus 115
    • U-Bahn Fehrbellinerplatz (U7 and U3)

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  1. Debi says

    Thanks for this! When we do finally move, 2 cats will come with us. Finding a vet I can understand was worrying me.

    Much appreciated!

      • Debi says

        The husband wants Kreuzberg/Neukölln, I’m pushing for Charlottenburg/Mitte… but honestly, as long as we are inside the S-ring or close to a public transport stop, we’ll be fine nearly anywhere in Berlin.

        We have not yet chosen (obviously) but some time in 2014 we’ll have an extended visit for more scouting.

        • says

          There are so many pros and cons in living in each neighbourhood! I think this deserves a longer email haha! We checked out many different neighbourhoods (For example Steglitz, Mitte, Moabit, etc) but in the end we were really happy with our choice. Our neighbourhoods are full of Russians and preppy matured locals and I totally love it. It’s definitely not a “cool” neighbourhood but it suits our personalities LOL! And it’s near to where my husband works so we get to have lunch together during the work week which is nice. We go to the cooler neighbourhoods for fun, but go home to a nice quiet neighbourhood. It’s never boring though because it’s in the centre of West Berlin. I guess it’s still between East and West aye?

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