DIPLO EVENTS: WIB Meets German Master Florist of 2013

I am part of the Design Group in Willkommen in Berlin and I was very fortunate to be able to attend this amazing event the group leaders organized with Luxury Department Store Quartier 206 and Germany’s Master Florist, Jürgen Herold. What an honour indeed! One of the things I’ve been looking forward to this Christmas is having a real Christmas tree and wreaths for the first time in my life. I never imagined I would learn how to make an Advent Wreath from a real “master”! This title is not taken lightly in Germany. It takes years of training and experience,  and many a career milestone before someone can have the title “master” here. Photos of this oh-so-lovely event after the jump!

Advent Wreath Making with Master Florist Jürgen Herold

This was my very first time at the exclusive Departmentstore Quartier 206 and we arrived at the lower level to an impressive set-up. To be honest I was expecting to see a demo of how to do floral arrangements, but I didn’t expect that we would be able to make our own wreaths and that it would be so hands-on. I was ecstatic really. Coming from the Philippines and Indonesia, we only ever used plastic wreaths. This were the real thing. I come from the hot tropics where real wreaths would  immediately wilt and having fruits – dried or otherwise – would mean a swarm of ants. So this was a real treat for me!

WIB design advent wreath Jürgen Herold-001 WIB design advent wreath Jürgen Herold

We were welcomed and told a little something about Quartier 206. This building was designed by New York architects Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, which was founded by the architect of the Louvre, and you can see this a little in the magnificent glass skylight. I love the geometric shapes and the organic feel of the space.

WIB design advent wreath Jürgen Herold-005

WIB design advent wreath Jürgen Herold-004

Jürgen Herold told us about how he designed floral arrangements and this gave us an insight into his creative mind. Yes he can do classical designs, but he has really amazing modern designs that I’ve never seen before. I absolutely loved the ball of pine needles which had a satellite pair of candles. So fresh!

WIB design advent wreath Jürgen Herold-006

Then it was time for us to take a look at the materials provided for us.  I thought it was sweet that they even provided gloves to prevent staining our hands with the wire.

WIB design advent wreath Jürgen Herold-008

The wreath of fragrant fresh greens. 

WIB design advent wreath Jürgen Herold-009

When I opened the luxurious box from Departmentstore Quartier 206…

WIB design advent wreath Jürgen Herold-007

…I was delighted to see vibrant colours and smell delicious aromas of cinnamon, dried oranges, anise and fresh little apples. It smells like I always imagined Christmas to be. This time though, it’s not from scented candles or oils, but from the actual ingredients themselves. There were  pine cones and stars made out of coconut husk. So creative!

WIB design advent wreath Jürgen Herold-010 

We started with the hardest part which was to heat steal rods, stick them onto the candles securely and then stick the rods into the wreath base, which was made of hay. We definitely needed to put some muscle into this part because the hay was packed well. 
WIB design advent wreath Jürgen Herold-011

Jürgen gave us tips and tricks on how to do this and he went to every table to instruct and help. Without his practical knowledge coming from years of experience, I am sure this would have been almost impossible, but he guided all of us to secure our candles on to the wreath. WIB design advent wreath Jürgen Herold-012

Once the candles were on, we were all smiles! Time to place the precious and sweet smelling decor on to the wreath!

WIB design advent wreath Jürgen Herold-016 WIB design advent wreath Jürgen Herold-015 WIB design advent wreath Jürgen Herold-013 WIB design advent wreath Jürgen Herold-014

I didn’t finish securing all the elements on my wreath, but that was alright because our wreaths and boxes were packed up by Quartier 206 to take home and finish. How thoughtful!

WIB design advent wreath Jürgen Herold-018 WIB design advent wreath Jürgen Herold-017

We then proceeded to a tour of Departmentstore Quartier 206 and the nice treats they had for us after.

WIB design advent wreath Jürgen Herold-019

Tour of Luxury Departmentstore Quartier 206

I’ve never seen a department store like Quartier 206. I love how it has smaller rooms that feel more intimate – like I am in someones super chic salon – instead of the wide impersonal spaces of a mall. There is something very personal about the space with a smattering of chic furniture, fabulous art and decor.Q206  115armani st moritzEverything is muted elegance and glamorous minimalism.
DSQ206_Stationery_hr departmentstore women fashion

Founder and owner Anne Maria Jagdfeld, “and travelled around the world for months to buy all the products for my department store.” With her interior design company “jagdfeld design”, she created an elegant and cosmopolitan world of shopping featuring international designer fashion, couture, leading avant-garde designers, it-labels and young contemporary fashion, accessories, cosmetics, jewelry, books, art, flowers and interior design. Departmentstore Quartier 206 doesn’t offer its customers mere fashion, but a complete lifestyle in 2,500 square meters of retail space. Anne Maria Jagdfeld notes, “The international concept can be seen as a dialogue of styles – a communication between the most varied of cultures. We’re constantly searching for exclusive lifestyle products which are often not available or rarely found in Germany. You can find things at Departmentstore Quartier 206 that previously required a trip to Paris, Milan, Hong Kong or London. That too is luxury.”

Aftter the tour we were treated to refreshments at Quartier 206′s luxe bar area.

departmentstore BAR

And we also got a little bath and body gift to take home and try! What a lovely lovely way to spend the day with the ladies of Willkommen in Berlin. It was beautifully organised indeed! I want to thank the group leaders of the Design Group for letting us experience something so wunderbar! Vielen Dank!


I can’t wait to start using the advent wreath! I finished placing all the decor on mine last night. I will post a photo of the finished product soon to show you the results of this amazing day!

Make sure to check Jürgen’s website below to see his other fabulous creations and see the details of Departmentstore Quartier 206 to drop by for a visit. I especially loved their Christmas decor area which has such a fabulous selection of holiday cheer.



Jürgen Herold – Germany’s Master Florist of 2013

  • 0176 24051122
  • Weidenweg 23, 10249 Berlin
  • kontakt@handwerkfloraldesign.de
  • Jürgen can be booked to assist and advice florists, for workshops and other freelance floral work for private customers, caterers, advertising agencies, interior designers and media, i.e. for photoshoots.

 Departmentstore Quartier 206 Berlin


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  • ⓔ mail@departmentstore-quartier206.com
  • Store hours:
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