5 Things I am Loving Right Now

This post was inspired by The Spoiled Mummy. I’ve been out of sorts lately. So much life is just happening, that I can barely keep up! The lack of sun (sunset at 4pm is not something I am used to) and my lack of sleep is not helping. (The earliest  appointment I could get for a specialist was for 20 January 2014. ACK.) Anyhoo, reading The Spoiled Mummy’s post on the  5 random things she is loving right now, inspired me to do the same.  Here are the 5 Random Things I am Loving Right Now…

Auerhahn Candle Snuffer


Fall/winter is the time for lighting up candles to fight of the dark, and it’s really is the most elegant way to snuff a candle after a fabulous meal. German-made stainless steel items are absolutely beautiful and will last a life time. Auerhahn is a fabulous brand that is also part of the WMF Group. Their items are more matte and understated chic compared to WMF’s shiny finish. This was also the only brand I found that sold candle snuffers. I got this in Karstadt Department Store


MEXX down and feather puffer coat


So warm yet slimming on my short curvy frame – still important even if I am freezing. I’ve been told that this 0-6 degree Celsius weather is not cold yet. But this is the first time in my life I’m experiencing Autumn and Winter so this is definitely cold for me. So I am really loving this really warm coat, which I got at a fantastic discount in Karstadt during their midseason sale. Right now I can just wear ordinary clothing, not even a sweater, and still feel warm. In winter I will have to find good quality thermal clothing to wear under. Does anyone know where I can get black angora thermal undies at a good price? I looked at Karstadt, but there was none.

EMUPenneshaw Earmuff and Gloves


Made with luxurious soft Australian premium merino wool and sheepskin, which also has Natural antimicrobacterial properties. This is so nice and warm. I am happy that my allergies aren’t flaring up either.  I also got them in the Karstadts mid-season sale. I think their 20% sale on all accessories is still on going + diplos get an extra 10% discount when you show your Diplomatic ID card at the counter. This is the best gloves that I could buy because I plan on only getting ONE. I prefer to get the best quality at a great price.

Germany’s efficient transport system: BVG


When the weather is cold, dark, windy and rainy, it’s not very pleasant to walk so I really appreciate it that here in Berlin in almost every corner I can take the bus or train home instead of walking in the cold. I never thought I’d be an U-Bahn/Bus ninja. haha! All my life I’ve lived in the Philippines where public transport can be difficult and I was used to driving through hours of traffic. In Indonesia, public transport was not a a great option either (Jakarta expats you know what I’m talking about?) and the traffic was even worse. But BVG’s buses, trains and trams are clean, usually on time (there are signs in the stations with a minute-by-minute countdown of arrival time), very easy to use and the Germans are wonderful companions on public transport. They are very conscious and respectful of personal space here so there is no pushing or standing too close. Germans are also very conscious of noise pollution, so (in my neighborhood at least) I don’t encounter any super loud, voice-projecting-cellphone-yammers or people who have conversations so loud that everyone aboard knows their life story after a few stops. I absolutely love how people all use earphones with their cellphones/iPhones (Do you also get annoyed when people play games without putting their phones/tabs on silent?). Talking is ALWAYS  done in modulated voices. These wonderful polite manners and strong sense of right and wrong make the use of public transport in Berlin a dream. I am still so amazed by this every time I get on a train or bus, that I almost always smile to myself in gratitude.

DiploDog’s cute fall/winter essentials


We don’t really like dressing up DiploDog so much, but he does like it. He gets really excited when he gets to wear his T-shirt-pyjamas and when he wears his Halloween and Christmas Costumes. Normally though we don’t unless we can see that he is cold. Seeing how he gets wet during his morning walks, we decided to check out TK maxx for some good quality essentials – a raincoat (pictured on top of this post) and a sweater. What gave me the idea was seeing this great water-resistant dog jacket in Barbours. But I am not about to spend 50 € on a dog sweater. I don’t even usually spend as much on one article of clothing LOL! So at TK Maxx for a small fraction of the price we got 2 basic pieces for DiploDog. What do you think??  The knitted sweater is made with real wool, to keep him warm when it goes below zero. Right now he is still fine because of his thick fluffy fur. He is after all a German dog breed – perfectly outfitted for this climate!

BONUS ITEM: These cuties have been keeping me warm at home! Now I know why fluffy booties aren’t just for babies. =)



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      Hi Mirella, thanks for the tip! I have bad bouts insomnia… something I’ve been battling ever since I was young. Even if I do more than 10,000 steps in a day, I can be exhausted yet unable to sleep till 5 am. Doesn’t that suck big time? I’ve tried almost everything really. I am trying to call another doctor, but the strange thing is nobody answers during work hours. I’ve encountered that with several doctors here. Have you experienced the same thing? I got his number from the booklet of doctors for diplomats. I hope next week somebody answers. Crossing my fingers!

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    If you can, get someone to send you Heattech thermals from Uniqlo (Singapore or Manila). They are seriously the best thermals I’ve ever used: great quality, not itchy or bulky, and are made from a special Japanese-developed fabric that traps your body heat. I ditched all my angora thermals after I discovered Heattech, but if you still want those kind, Marks & Spencer makes good ones.

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      Deeps, unfortunately there are no Marks & Spencer here in Germany. Maybe I should go back to Prague just to go shopping LOL! They even have Sephora there. =P I’ve been looking for someone to send me Uniqlo stuff! Hay!

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    I’m loving the diplodog fashion! How funny that you are not keen on dressing him up, but he is!!! Usually it’s the other way around, no? He’s such a good poser, too.

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      You are so right Kaho! Usually it’s the other way around…but we read somewhere that it hinders the communication of dogs which is usually through their body so we try to avoid it. I am happy though that Diplo Dog likes to be dressed up because, when I do get the chance to dress him up, it’s SO much fun for me and I love how cute he looks!

      Hehehe is getting so used to being photographed and posing for the camera! The price of having a mommy blogger aye?!? =p Thanks for the sweet compliments honey!


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