DIY Advent Wreath

As promised in my previous post here are pictures of my finished Advent Wreath. I thoroughly enjoyed making this project. Germany’s master florist, Jürgen Herold, tought us how to attached the different elements, like the candles, pinecones, dried orange slices, etc, but he told us it was all up to our taste as to how much we wanted to place and how we wanted to arrange them. I think that’s the kind of openness to ideas that makes him such a creative person! What do you think of my wreath?

WIB advent wreath making jurgen herold-001 WIB advent wreath making jurgen heroldWIB advent wreath making jurgen herold-003

CLICK HERE to read about he Willkommen in Berlin Design Event where we (with my fellow diplo ladies) met Master Florist Jurgen Herold and learned to make our own Advent Wreaths.





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      Thank you Kaho! I was really surprised to see dried orange in our box, but it totally works and smells delicious! I feel so lucky for the opportunity to do this, because in other parts of the world, these fresh elements would go bad really fast (or be attacked by ants) haha! I remember how inspired I was when I saw your beautiful DIY wreath post! I’m so happy I finally got to experience making one too. =)

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