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My friend Kaho of Chuzai Living told me that she loved seeing posts about my home and it made me realise that in the past I’ve neglected this category a lot. Only because when it comes to my home I am shy about posting photos unless I’ve finished decorating it already. That’s why I only posted a photo of my bedroom in Jakarta when we moved here because it was only in the last months of our stay there that I finished decorating it. (Expat life quirk: when you are finally done decorating, it’s time to pack up and move!) So here I am taking Kaho’s advice on posting more about home interiors, even if I feel like it is still a work in progress. It would be fun to see the different transformation and see how my style and taste are changing as the years go by. I hope you enjoy the photos!


Just before and right after the movers delivered our shipment from Indonesia.diplo home dining room before berlindiplo dining room beforediplo home dining room before berlin-002


diplo home dining room-007


This is my beloved dining table, which can seat up to 8 people. I got it from KOI Kemang together with the seats. I adore the industrial details like the metal table legs and the steal rod frame of the chairs. I fell in love when I first saw them. Initially I had very dark wood and thick legged dining table and chairs, but when we had an inkling that we were moving to Europe, I decided to get a dining set that had thinner legs to give the illusion of space. Thick wooden legs and dark coloured wood would make our space seem smaller. What do you think? The only drawback of these gorgeous chairs are that the rubber attachment at the bottom that KOI provides sometimes breaks (I know it’s telling me to lose more weight haha!) or gets lose. This wasn’t a problem in Jakarta where we had marble flooring that didn’t scratch easily. Now in Germany we have parquet flooring so before delivery of our furniture, TD and I made sure to get thick, durable and hardwearing like IKEA’s EGEBY sisal carpet that would be able to protect the floor. We got the biggest one (2meters long) and it wasn’t big enough so we got the thin long one too. They only had a 1.8 meter long one which we settled for. I don’t think anyone will really notice hehe. The important thing for me, as a renter, is not to have to pay to fix the flooring after a few years. 😉 I also got the industrial-looking kitchen trolley from KOI Kemang. I wrote about decorating our radiator wall with a photo wall HERE. diplo home dining room-002


The blue painting entitled”FLY” and the yellow painting of a mother shielding her child from the rain using a banana leaf were the very first paintings we ever bought. We got them in our favourite art gallery in Yogyakarta. The other painting is one depicting whipped cream was done by my friend K. Cristi and she dedicated it to celebrating the sweet things in life. The painting of the Chinese girl (pictured above) is from an exhibit in KOI Kemang as well. HERE are the details of the art gallery based in BALI. I bet you they also ship orders internationally if you are interested in any of their paintings. diplo home dining room-003


I am learning how to create vignettes to keep my decor looking neat and organised. I got this tip from Karl Schuneman’s The First Apartment Book.diplo home dining room-006 This is a little bar I set up that is both decorative and practical, containing items that we use more often, like…

  • Full Bottle Service – a wine lover’s multitool It’s a corkscrew, foil cutter, pour spout, and rubber stopper in one nifty tool (won a Red Dot Design Award)
  • WMF Clever & More All-purpose Opener so versatile! Can open screw caps, champagne corks,can lids, crown caps or beverage cans.
  • Auerhahn Candle Snuffer I love the simple, modern and oh-so-luxe design.
  • Silver lighter – isn’t this the sleekest lighter ever? I got it in Rossman pharmacy. Normally lighters are sold in bright colours that do not go well with my interiors so I was really happy to find this cheap lighter that looks right at home in my bar. We use it often for lighting candles to brighten up these dark Berlin days. #WinterIsComing
  • Vanilla scented candle IKEA

diplo home dining room-009


I usually have a few things on our dining table at any one time, sometimes a box of chocolates or sometimes a cookie Jar, but I always have a  candle, scented oil and tissue box around. Usually I also place my salt and pepper mill here too (I don’t know where it went haha!). To make it look neat and uncluttered, I place them all in a tray. Trays are useful for creating vignettes or grouping together items that are used for the same purpose or used in the same location in the home. diplo home dining room-008 These items I have were collected painstakingly and one by one during our post in Jakarta and some during our stay here in Berlin. I hope you like how I did my dining room! If you have any comments or suggestions, I would love to hear it. Questions are welcome too!



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    • says

      I’m happy you think so Didi! Can you believe that the lamp broke in the shipment? The price of the expat life aye? Until now we are still waiting for our insurance money from Santa Fe so we can replace/fix it! I hope we get to it soon! =)

  1. Joy says

    Sooo gorgeous, thanks for sharing! You have such a knack for putting together all of the neutral colors together in a way that is catchy and never dull. If you have some time, I would really, really love and be grateful for a post about your lovely cabinets lining the dining room. It looks simliar to your fantastic entry way furniture. I love it both for the external clean lines and all of your practical touches inside. I’ve even shared it with friends who are considering designing their own pieces, and they are always super-impressed!

    • says

      Dear Joy, wow! What a wonderful compliment. I loved how you put it “external clean lines and practical touches inside.” You totally get what I am going for. =) I’ve been meaning to post pictures of my buffet, after all it is the piece that I am most proud of. Can you believe that it’s the second one I’ve had. The first one (exactly the same except for the dark colour) was purchased from me by my friend. The funny thing is, because I feel so strongly about the buffet, I am afraid to do a post that wont do it justice. I am so happy you asked.. I will try to overcome my fear and finally do a post on it! You just made my day!

  2. says

    Lovely home babe! You have a talent for designing! Your Jakarta-made stuff fit perfectly well with your Berlin home :-) What a wonderful marriage of your two homes! Hope I will get to visit this one this time! I miss you!

  3. says

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! I love how clean yet warm it looks. I recognize the painting from KOI!!! Thank you for mentioning me in your post. Yes, I do love seeing your design posts. That’s how I first fell in love with your blog! I agree with Tala. You have a talent for designing!

    • says

      Thanks Mitz! So happy you enjoy my Diplo Home posts! You know what? A big inspiration for me is the furniture of Cebu and Kenneth Cobonpue. I try to keep my home earthy and neutral too! I wish I lived there so I could wait for Kennet Cobonpue’s sales LOL!

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