How to Make a Decorative Tray with a Picture Frame

This project is so easy that it literally has 4 steps and needs only 4 materials. I did it in less than 5 minutes. It’s not only for Christmas but can be done to match any theme or colour. I hope you like this simple and time-saving idea!

After decorating I had some tinsel, rogue Christmas tree decor that couldn’t be placed on the tree anymore because of their missing hooks and I also had a small delicate gold Carosello Candle Carousel I bought from the Schloss Charlottenburg Christmas Market.  They seemed scattered and random so I decided that they needed a tray to pull the look together. I didn’t have a tray that would go with my gold Christmas decor theme, when I suddenly remembered a gold frame I bought which turned out to be too small. The frame was so pretty that I didn’t return it, because I knew I would have use for it one day!diplo-diy-frame-tray-project-005

I remember reading in someone’s blog post somewhere about a Picture Frame Tray DIY project (sorry I can’t remember which blog it was! But if you know, please drop me a line!) and it inspired me to do this.

  • Picture frame with glass top (this is especially great with thicker frames, but skinny ones like mine will do)
  • Wrapping paper in whatever colour or theme you choose (I used silver and white a double sided IKEA wrapper)
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape

1. Remove the photo placeholder from the framediplo-diy-frame-tray-project2. Place double sided tape on one side and tape it to the underside of your wrapping paper. I chose the striped side to be in front so I taped the backside to the placeholder.diplo-diy-frame-tray-project-001diplo-diy-frame-tray-project-002 3. Cut the excess wrapping paper around the placeholder.diplo-diy-frame-tray-project-003 4. Place back inside the frame and viola now you have a decorative tray!


The excess decor I dumped in a small glass vase  and placed on the tray with the small version of a Christmas Pyramid. I thought that the tray made these smaller decorative objects look pulled together. I feel like small objects when placed on a table look scattered but if you group them in vignettes with a tray base, it looks more polished. What do you think?

The great thing about this decorative tray is that you can easily swap the wrapping paper to suit other colour themes or holidays. A slight change will make a big impact and you don’t have to spend much. What do you think of this project!  If you end up giving it a try, I’d love to see photos of your own decorative tray!

UPDATE: Find out where I got the gold Carosello Candle Carousel. 

*NOTE: This tray is meant for decorative purposes only and not to be used as a real tray. It will not be able to hold the weight of heavy decorative objects and may break if you place something that is not lightweight. 


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