DIPLO STYLE: Modern Filipiniana

Happy New Year everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve done a Diplo Style post and I thought I’d change it up a bit today. I want to share one of my favourite easy-to-put-together modern Filipiniana-inspired outfit that I wore to the Bruneian National Day reception I attended in Jakarta. I didn’t want to go in a long gown and I didn’t have much time to prepare. I think I threw this outfit together in 30 minutes flat. I wanted easy-yet-put-together chic.

black white modern filipiniana

I used a simple black bandage skirt from Chez Bella and a Zara tank top – both very comfortable and casual pieces – but dressed up with a Dita Sandico Ong wrap, a Filipiniana clutch bag and a statement wire necklace accented with Osmena pearls. I also wore small south sea earrings from my grandmother. Then I put my hair up in a simple bun, applied simple make up and wore my most comfy platform shoes. It didn’t match my outfit, but I thought the touch of pink and flowers softened the whole look. What do you think? Comfy shoes are also key to receptions because we end up standing the whole time.

black white modern filipiniana-001

That’s why I love Dita Sandico Ong wraps, they may seem expensive at first, but in the end they are more value for money because you can use one wrap in so many ways, pair with different tops and bottoms, and come up with a different look every time. In the long run you don’t need to spend for more expensive dresses. I never thought I’d be able to get away with going to a reception with such comfy basic pieces, but with these beautiful wraps, I was able to without feeling dressed down.

Dita Sandico Ong wraps aren’t exactly Filipiniana but I like to use them because the banana finer wraps can be styled in a Filipiniana way. The material is itself is very Filipiniana, but can be worn to any dressy party or event. See how versatile Dita Sandico Ong wraps are:

 How to get the look:

  1. Get basic black stretchy skirt and tank top in affordable stores like Zara, H&M, Mango or Primark. (You can also go for it in other colours like all white/cream or even in bolder colours like turquoise.) For basic pieces I don’t really see why I should spend a lot of money. I also usually wait for sales to get them even cheaper, after all basic pieces never go out of style and won’t look dated.
  2. Get Filipiniana-inspired accessories from SM Kultura. A black clutch bag with beads and shell accents can be used for receptions and also for nights out in a club.  Get a modern statement necklace with shell or pearl details, to keep your look updated and not too traditional with your classic pearls. This wire necklace is a great investment piece because I can even wear with with a white tee and jeans, and it will create a pulled-together look. Accessories can make the difference between a plain outfit and a chic one.
  3. Get pretty wedged shoes with dainty details at CMG (Manila) or Pedro (Jakarta). My orthopaedic surgeon advised me that wedged shoes are the best for feet because your entire foot is supported. But avoid clunky ones and opt for ones that taper down to keep them classy. Don’t be afraid to wear shoes that don’t match your outfit, sometimes it’s refreshing when it’s not all matchy-matchy. I was raised to have matching bags and shoes but not I try to play with it and not be too concerned.
  4. Get an eye-catching Dita Sandico Ong Wrap in your favourite colour or a striking design (i.e stripes) in her store in 35 Wilson St. Greenhills, San Juan City, 1503 or in Rustans Makati. Then sculpt and style it until you are pleased with the effect and silhouette. I love the these wraps can stand on they own and can create an illusion of height and a slimming effect.


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  1. cris manacop says

    What color is that wrap you wore in the Bruneian National Day reception, is that under mariposa wrap, I can’t find that color.

    • says

      Hi Cris, I purchased this wrap a few years back so I am not sure if they are still making this design. it’s just a striped black and white wrap that I grabbed dropping by their main store. I was in a hurry so I didn’t even check what style it is. Sorry I can’t help you much! Try showing their store staff this photo and perhaps they can help you find it. Good luck!

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