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I love Berlin because of the diversity of people, cultures and cuisines that I encounter. Every time I go out, it seems I am learning something new, not just about Germany and the Deutsch whom I adore, but also about  people from all over the world. Russians, Italians, Iranians, Spanish, Turkish, Romanians, Greeks, Indian… you name it and Berlin’s got it!

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Buddha Haus Tibetisch-Nepalesiche Küche

Today I tried Nepalese-Tibetan cuisine at Buddha House for the very first time and I loved it! It sort of reminds me of Indian food. When we arrived I was feeling full, but the delicious food got my appetite going. Buddha Haus is Berlin’s first restaurant with Tibetan-Nepalese and Thai specialties of Buddhist cuisines in Asia.
The waiter was very nice and he spoke both English and Deutsch. They served our the plates in plate warmers which I think is quite neat!
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I got tonic water and found the Indian Tonic Water variant sweeter and more lemon-y than what I am used to getting. I am officially a fan.buddha haus nepalese tibetan restaurant berlin-003
Normally in other restaurants you are each served your own orders and you get weird looks from the staff when you ask for extra plates so we were very happy that they gave us each empty plates and then placed our orders in the middle with serving spoons, family style. buddha haus nepalese tibetan restaurant berlin-010
The Gemischte Vorspeisenplatte mit fleisch €7 or mixed appetiser of vegetables with chicken for 7 € was a great way to taste different items and sauces.  There were tempura cauliflower and aubergine slices which nepalese spices, a falafel like patty, vegetable spring rolls and fried chicken sate, with sweat and spicy sauce, peanut sauce and and coriander salsa. buddha haus nepalese tibetan restaurant berlin-007
The Khasi Sag Ko Ledo Bedo € 6.50 is Roasted Lamb with typical Nepalese spices in pureed spinach. I don’t eat lamb but TD and his colleagues said it was very good. I had some of the spinach sauce which was very tasty with rice and complimented the rest of the meal.  buddha haus nepalese tibetan restaurant berlin-004 The Chara Fry € 7 is sauteed chicken fillet with lemongrass. If you like lemon grass then you’ll like this dish.  It has a nice spicy kick to it too. buddha haus nepalese tibetan restaurant berlin-006
I can’t remember the exact name of this dish. It was included in the lunch specials of the day. It is crispy duck with vegetables in coconut milk. I liked the creamy coco milk sauce which was really tasty with rice. The duck was also quite crispy and TD enjoyed it. buddha haus nepalese tibetan restaurant berlin-005
Piping hot rice comes with the meal and they refill the bowl once it is empty. For an Asian like me, having refillable hot rice is very nice indeed. The plate warmers also kept our dishes from getting cold fast. buddha haus nepalese tibetan restaurant berlin-014buddha haus nepalese tibetan restaurant berlin-001

Buddha Haus Interiors

I liked the Buddha Haus interiors, it’s clean and homey. Though I am not familiar with Nepal since I have never been, I thought that the decor gave me a glimpse of their symbolisms and art. Apparently the decor is based on ancient Tibetan Feng Shui.

It seem small and homey from the outside, but when you go inside you realise that there is a lot of seating options. When we entered we thought it was empty, only to realise that there were many tables filled up in the back which I think had a lot more light, overlooking the courtyard. In the center, near the bar there is also seating for those who want to sit on the floor. buddha haus nepalese tibetan restaurant berlin-015buddha haus nepalese tibetan restaurant berlin-002buddha haus nepalese tibetan restaurant berlin-011buddha haus nepalese tibetan restaurant berlin-012
I will definitely be back. Next time I want to try the Momo which my friend recommended. Momo is homemade steamed dumplings with filling, similar to Chinese dumplings, but served with spicy tomato-cilantro sauce, peanut sauce and salad.

If you go to Buddha Haus, make sure to check the lunch specials for great deals!

Have you ever tried Nepalese-Tibetan cuisine? What dishes do you like?

Restaurant Buddha Haus

Akazienstr. 27, 10823 Berlin-Schöneberg
Reservation & Catering: +49 30 70509959
Open everyday 12 noon – 12 midnight

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