BERLIN BITES: Vapiano Italian

I had a unique dining experience when we arrived in Berlin. We were looking for nice affordable place to go and stumbled into Vapiano which is right beside Concorde Hotel in shopping boulevard, Ku’damm. Good thing to because it was one of the few restos open on a Sunday.

vapiano italian restaurant-002

Eating in Vapiano is cafeteria style. Go in, line up at different counters, order your food, plop it on your tray and bring it to a free table – it’s free seating. There are different counters for different kinds of dishes like pizza, pasta, salad, etc. counter. While you are in line, grab a tray and glasses, napkins and utensils.

TD and I would line up separately so we could get different dishes and share them.

vapiano italian restaurant-001

The food is cooked in front of you. Once you have your order grab a table. Spices, chill oil and pots of herbs are scattered all over. If you don’t have any grab some from one of the carts.

vapiano italian restaurant-005vapiano italian restaurant-007

The pastas are perfectly al dente, with generous hearings of fresh ingredients and cheese.

vapiano italian restaurant-003 vapiano italian restaurant-004

We’ve also tried the pizza (not pictured) but for the pizza you don’t wait for it in the counter. You get a disk and when the pizza is ready it vibrates, then you collect it at the pizza counter.  It was kinda cool because I remember one time TD bought pizza and dropped something off in Concorde Hotel, the disk still vibrated all the way in our room. Neat.

How cool is their calling card?vapiano italian restaurant-006

Have you ever tried Vapiano? What do you think of the über casual dining style? Yay or nay to the food? Drop me a line!

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    Dubai has a couple of Vapianos and strangely, it is a German and not an Italian chain apparently (to be confeeermed). What I do LOVE about Vapiano is how they prepare their pastas in store and they always deliver pasta al dente (I’m a stickler for al dente pasta) Is it the same in Berlin?

    Their long wood tables are beautiful too :)

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