STETTIN TO DO: Graffiti Sightings

These aren’t the same as the massive wall sized street art I see in Berlin, but I found a few graffiti in Stettin, Poland interesting and great photography subjects. I used to dislike graffiti, but after Jakarta (which is full of cool and not so cool graffiti) I’ve come to appreciate them -those that are done well anyway. Even more so now after I went on the Alternative Berlin Walking Tour where they explained the different graffiti  artists styles, their artistry and message. What do you think of graffiti? Stettin Graffiti-001

I may not understand the word but I like the “message” on this one.Stettin Graffiti-005Stettin Graffiti-006 Stettin Graffiti

Some are commentaries on society like this sticker on the bridge.Stettin Graffiti-003Stettin Graffiti-002

I don’t of course like graffiti when it is ruining a historical landmark or valuable piece of art. But in certain edgy neighbourhoods, I think it’s cool. They can also be an eye-sore too. In Berlin, there are some really cool elaborate graffiti.

So graffiti or “street art?” Love it or hate it??

I still have many pictures of Poland and our weekend trip to Prague coming up. Stay tuned!


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