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We stayed at the Marriott while we were in Frankfurt and as expected the rooms were lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. I love taking pictures of hotel rooms because I get so much interior design and smart design inspiration from it. I’ve stayed in several Marriott hotels in different cities and I’ve always had great experiences with their friendly yet efficient and professional staff, clean and beautiful rooms and generous buffet breakfasts.  The prices are reasonable (depending on which kind of hotel you stay in) and you get a lot of value for your money.

01-marriott hotel frankfurt

The lobby is small but quite warm. I love the way their did the interior design. 03-marriott hotel frankfurt02-marriott hotel frankfurt

Our Room on the Executive Floor

We got a room on the 43rd floor which is also where the executive lounge is. I found this wonderful and I didn’t mind so much that I could hear the door slamming every time someone entered or left the lounge. I find that if I am really tired (which is the case when I travel), I can snooze through noise. 04-marriott hotel frankfurt

I like the simple and modern design of the room. Mostly neutrals (yay!) with deep red highlights.05-marriott hotel frankfurt

Convenient bench for our small luggage.06-marriott hotel frankfurt

The closet contains the safe, hot water kettle, Ice bucket, and corkscrews (so thoughtful!). There was no bar, because they have a store downstairs where you can purchase snacks and drinks. There was a chiller with complimentary water and a wide assortment of teas and instant coffee (with mugs or paper cups which you can take with you outside your room – again so thoughtful!).

DiploTip: I always wash hotel glasses before using them after seeing this haha!07-marriott hotel frankfurt08-marriott hotel frankfurt

I like that the closet had a lot of hangers, after all there weren’t any shelves. This was perfect for TD’s suits for our short stay. The rest of our clothes stayed in our packing cubes in our suitcase which made it easy to pull-out when we dressed up. I am such a geek – loved the grey ironing board and the Bosch white and grey iron!09-marriott hotel frankfurt The desk was compact but had everything we needed. 10-marriott hotel frankfurt11-marriott hotel frankfurtVarious sockets options – perfect for the international clientele of Marriott. We usually bring a universal adaptor, but having multiple socket options in a room is so much more convenient. 12-marriott hotel frankfurtThere is The Cloud WIFI internet available in the rooms. We had to log on to the WIFI and got the daily rate, however we weren’t billed because it was included with the room. It’s better to ask the front desk first so you aren’t surprised with a €20/day WIFI bill.

I never use the shoe mitt, but during this stay I finally understood why hotels provided it. In Asia, sandals and slippers don’t need to be polished, however boot in Europe get a lot of mileage and get snow and mud on it.13-marriott hotel frankfurtThere is a menu and there is this informational booklet which is packed with so much information! I made sure to have a run-through and I’m happy I did. I was able to do a short-list of things to do just by reading their Getting Around guide!14-marriott hotel frankfurt 15-marriott hotel frankfurt

Marriot Frankfurt Bathroom

As expected, it is quite small compared to hotel bathrooms in Asia, but it is nevertheless wonderful and packed with amaze-balls features!
16-marriott hotel frankfurt

High quality toiletries which I enjoyed using:

  • soap
  • showergel
  • shampoo
  • conditioner  - this is unusual for me even in Asia
  • lotion
  • earbuds
  • cotton balls
  • showercap

In Europe, they never provide toothbrushes or toothpaste, which I think is practical, because I would never use them anyway.

17-marriott hotel frankfurtBeautiful German stainless steel bathroom accessories.
18-marriott hotel frankfurt

Digital Shower Controls

The most high-tech shower I’ve ever used in my life and that clever floor drain! LOVE! When I first entered the shower I was wondering where the shower knobs were. Then I realised that these buttons were it. It’s so amazing because

  • There is barely any waiting period before the water comes out to the temperature you set.
  • You can choose between the traditional shower head or the rain shower setting from the top
  • The traditional shower head is on a stand that can be adjusted up or down (see that vertical strip it is on?) so you can rinse your body while the conditioner is in your head without having to angle your body. Just move the shower head down. Cool right?
  • Button with a light bulb is for mood lighting – it automatically turns off the bright bathroom lights and you get coloured mood lights!
  • Button with the music note in the bottom is for ambient sound. Think jazzy spa music with water falls, birds and rain.

19-marriott hotel frankfurt

Another feature I love is the drain in the shower stall. It isn’t your regular metal drain. Instead it goes seamlessly with the floor and mirrors the square shape of the rain shower system on the ceiling. Something to think about for future interior design projects!20-marriott hotel frankfurt

Nightly Turn Down Services

In the evening, Marriott provides turn down services with a sweet treat on your bed to boot.21-marriott hotel frankfurt22-marriott hotel frankfurt

When it’s time to sleep, all the light controls are at your finger tips and there are sockets for your cellphone chargers on both sides of the bed. This little lamp on the side is perfect for just before bedtime prep. Not too bright to wake you up, but enough to get ready for bed. These convenient bedside features sort of remind me of the built up headboard I did for our flat in Manila before. But these features I will keep in mind for future remodelling projects.   23-marriott hotel frankfurt

Please note that the features and amenities and free services may vary depending on the floor of your room or the hotel packaged booked. Our hotel room is in the 43rd floor where the Executive Lounge and the bathrooms are seem to be different on this floor from the other floors.


marriott frankfurt location-002One great reason to stay at the Marriott if budget permits, is that it’s so convenient. There is a tram stop right in front of it and a block a way is the U7 and U6 U-Bahn station which is 2 stops away from the most famous shopping street, The Ziel and Luxury shopping street, Goethestrasse. marriott frankfurt location-003

Around Marriott is the Messe where conventions and fairs happen. So this hotel is great for those who are participating in such events. marriott frankfurt location-001 marriott frankfurt location

Have you ever been to Frankfurt? Where did you stay? This is my first time in Frankfurt so I would love to hear about other hotels or accommodations you’ve tried in Frankfurt – especially cheap but nice ones. I would love to come back so hotel recos are much appreciated!


Hamburger Allee 2  Frankfurt  Hessen  60486  Germany (location map)


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