Where am I going?

where am i going thediplomaticwife

Dear friends,  I am sure you’ve noticed that for the past few weeks I’ve been mostly silent on the world wide web. I am so sorry for these unplanned hiatus. I’ve just been dealing with some health issues and also reevaluating how I’m going to move forward while trying to keep a more balanced life. You see in the past 4 years of blogging I’ve been consumed by it, not only because I am an obsessive person but also because I was trying to avoid something. Blogging has been a great coping mechanism for all the massive changes in my life since I became a trailing spouse. However many things have changed recently and I find that blogging is no longer the crutch that it was for me before. So I feel the blog has to change with me. Maybe it’s no coincidence that this is happening in March, which is the Anniversary of my first blog post. I’m ready to make some changes!

What’s changed?

I’m in a new city, experiencing different seasons and I want to get out more, get more sunlight and get fit and healthy. I’ve put my health in the back burner for a while now, but I want to re-focus. I’m not only talking about physical health, but a  balanced sense of well-being. That includes taking more time for myself, making some genuine connections online and offline, getting more sleep, maximising the next year and a half in Berlin by exploring and experiencing as much as possible.

What’s going to change?

  • Shorter blog posts that will leave something to the imagination and entice you to seek to experience the restaurant, event, etc. yourself.
  • Fewer high quality photos and spending less time behind the camera to enjoy the moment more. This will also mean that I will spend less time developing pictures and more time enjoying life in Berlin.
  • There will still be plenty of pictures but they will probably be on an online album and not on the blog post itself.
  • I will also be only writing about the best and most memorable experiences and the most useful information on the blog so expect 1-2 posts on average a week. I will try to do a 3rd post but only if I have time. Other fabulous #diplofinds and #diploevents will be posted on my Facebook Page or Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr. For the latter three, it will mainly be the same content so just pick which one is the best way for you to avoid getting spammed with the same content. I also curate the best things on Pinterest.

Since I am a very visual person, my posts will still have mostly pictures, but hopefully less text heavy. I hope you will still enjoy my posts and continue to read highlights of my #DiploLife! Thanks so much for four fabulous years!

P.S. I took this photograph in a U-Bahn (underground train) station in Frankfurt, Germany.



Lovely comments

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    Sound like changes for the best! Take care of yourself and can’t wait to see more pictures and the best of Berlin on your blog.

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      Thanks so much Ebe! I hope the blog will still grow despite the fewer blog posts but I really want to enjoy the rest of my stay in Berlin so I need to go out more. Speaking of… I would love to finally meet you! Beers?

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      Dear Didi, thank you I will! Yes winter was definitely a factor (lack of vitamin D and the lowered immune system sucks), among other things. I am glad that you are feeling better. My battle is sort of a long term thing, so I definitely need a change in lifestyle. More walking, staying outdoors and socializing in the outside world instead of staying in front of my computer hehe!

      Oh did I tell you it’s been getting warmer na? it’s been a nice low double digit high (around 12 degrees) during the day and a mild 1 or 2 degrees low in the evening. So it’s been great. Can you imagine Feb last year was -6 to 6 degrees?? The highest was 6 degrees for the whole month. I am feeling so lucky this year!

  2. Joy says

    DW, you definitely deserve to put your health and overall well-being as a top priority! Thanks for your generosity over the years in sharing all of your chic finds, wonderful experiences, home decor ideas, recipes, and more. I am back living in Jakarta and I constantly reference your blog and Kaho’s as I get around the city. Thank you so much! I look forward to seeing the new direction of your blog, and wish you the best of health!

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      Dear Joy, thank YOU so much for reading along with me. I really appreciate your comment and understanding and I am so happy that my blog is helpful for you. I hope you are enjoying Jakarta! The city is changing so fast isn’t it?

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    I will miss your detailed posts and obsessive nature online (I can so relate, haha!), but I just have to say I am SO happy that you are taking this direction. You are totally doing the right thing for yourself. Enjoy Europe, enjoy Berlin, and enjoy life! Big, big hugs from Amsterdam xx

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      Dear Deepa, awwww.. Thanks so much sweety! I really value all your help, support and inspiration the past few years. I will still be obsessive, but scaled down haha! I hope I can help my self and it will take some getting used to for sure. I will be placing good quality links for more helpful information at the end of each post.

  4. says

    I am totally with you. I have been feeling the same way and the need to reevaluate my time online. I feel like I’m living in this virtual reality which makes me miss some precious moments and will make me regret in the future. When I saw your blog this time though, the quality of your photos seemed much higher! I wondered if you bought a new camera! I have also started writing short posts as well as I try to write in two languages as much as possible. Let’s try to keep each other encouraged on this endeavor from afar!

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      My dear Kaho, I am so happy to have you as my blogging buddy and as my first online friend, you have definitely supported me throughout this journey. Thank you so much! It’s all about the balance you think is right for you, and please know that I am here to encourage you to do whatever makes you happy my dearest Kaho. So what are you thinking of doing my dear?

      I am so happy you noticed the photos. It’s the same small compact camera that I had before I left Jakarta, Sony RX100, which has been a dream to use here in Europe since we have no car and I try to keep my bag as light as possible for all the walking we do. I did however take a short refresher course on photography so I am able to shoot using manual settings better.

  5. Tina Taitlyn says

    Hope you’re feeling better and thanks again for all the helpful tips for starting my own blog :) I recently starting juicing again and trying to incorporate a more raw diet and definitely see and feel a huge difference. I am email you some recipes if you’d like but you should try it!

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